My thoughts about the first Semi Final of the #Eurovision2023 ! #songfestival #ESC23 #ESC2023 #eurovision

Mmmm I thought I would not make a blog with Eurovision thoughts … but I did it anyway haha!
My thoughts about the tracks of tonight are all in this blog. This is all based on the OFFICIAL VIDEOS
Normally I make a “should I stay or should I pee” card and publish a bingo card … this year only a blog! LETS GO! Green is for sure finals!

01 Alessandra – Queen of Kings (Norway)
A great song by Norway, but not the best. I was a huge fan of Subwoolfer, Alessandra does not give me that same vibes. But, I am sure that Queen Of Kings is perfect for the Eurovision. Not for airplay.
I am sure this song will end up in top 5 in the finals.

02 The Busker – Dance (Our Own Party) (Malta)
A very happy song, amazing official video. Great radio track.
Is it going to make it into the finals? I guess so.

03 Luke Black – Samo Mi Se Spava (Serbia)
Wanna be k-pop guy, the song is “ok” but can’t make it into the best 10.
Maybe Eurovision fans love it, but terrible track for airplay.

04 Sudden Lights – Aijā (Latvia)
Boring, just boring … this should not make it into the finals at all.

05 Mimicat – Ai Coração (Portugal)
Hyperactive, but it’s ok. I hear people love it a lot … but it doesn’t touch me at all.

06 Wild Youth – We Are One (Ireland)
Yeah amazing song! For sure going to the finals. Perfect for the radio.

07 Let 3 – Mama ŠČ! (Croatia)
What a terrible song. Go back to Croatia!

08 Remo Forrer – Watergun (Switzerland)
Good song, but is it strong enough to make it to the finals?

09 Noa Kirel – Unicorn (Israel)
Yeah, can I say anything negative about this song? Maybe that I can’t stop looking at Noa … that’s all.
I hope this song will end up in top 5 in the finals, if she sings as good as in the studio version!

10 Pasha Parfeni – Soarele şi Luna (Moldova)
One of the most surprising songs this Eurovision. I love this!
Let’s hope this will end up in top 5 at the finals too 🙂

11 Loreen – Tattoo (Sweden)
The best. Loreen has to be the winner this year!

12 TuralTuranX – Tell Me More (Azerbaijan)
The song is nice, reminds me of some 90’s bands. Not special, but good in my ears.

13 Vesna – My Sister’s Crown (Czechia)
My wife her thoughts when she saw the official video: OMG TURN IT OFF! WHATS THIS? ITS SCARY AND TERRIBLE.
I don’t find them scary, but it’s one of the worst songs in this semi finals.

14 Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper – Burning Daylight (Netherlands)
Will they make it to the finals? I hope it for my country, but I don’t know.
The song is powerful, but can they bring it good on stage tonight?
My wife keeps on saying their voices do not match.

15 Käärijä – Cha Cha Cha (Finland)
I do not understand why people love this so much. It’s terrible.
I guess the “Eurovision fans” love to see this in the finals. But totally not radio friendly track.

Twitter Busy Restoring Service After Widespread Outage. Only tag #Feynec makes it possible to tweet again. #breakingnews

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Twitter Outage Causes Chaos Among Users (8th of February, 2023, 11PM) #TwitterDown

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10x leuke tweets van vrijdag 30 december 2022, deel 8! Met #mooistefoto2022 tweets (deel 2) van @AssieSteen @bkfotobetsy @carovdster @YvvOnFire @MiekePoiesz en anderen, met dank aan @adriana57 !

Vandaag heb ik ook 2 delen met 10 mooie foto tweets uit de #mooistefoto2022 (initiatief van @adriana57) reeks!
Er zijn natuurlijk nog veel meer onwijs mooie foto’s! Onderaan vind je de link.

Voor nu, nog even genieten met 10 prachtige foto’s!

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Dit is de laatste normale 10x leuke tweets van vandaag en waarschijnlijk ook van het jaar.
Er komt zo nog een #mooistefoto2022 editie!

Voor nu … LETS GO!

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10x leuke tweets van vrijdag 30 december 2022, deel 5! Met tweets van @raaddesong4 @LoezzB @toby_en_phoebe @R0n3d @AnitaHees en anderen

Oeps! Ik was vergeten om de 10x leuke tweets door te zetten vanmiddag!
Had ze al klaar te staan maar ik was lekker op de bank gaan zitten … hehe!

Nou ja laten we dan maar snel beginnen met 2 tweets voor de prijs van 1 😉
De RAAD DE SONG tweets van vandaag:

en nog 9 anderen

10x leuke tweets van vrijdag 30 december 2022, deel 4! Met Goedemorgen tweets van @Boldking1973 @FlyingBianca @BasMunne @jhjmbenschop @LabradorYuki en anderen

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