Eurovision Song Contest 2021, the finals! #ESC21 #Eurovision #ESF21 #Songfestival #Eurovision #OpenUp #Rotterdam #Netherlands

I did already tell you what I think about the songs from Tuesday and Thursday (click the days for what I thought if you did not read it). But you did not read yet what I think about the 6 others 🙂


#01 James Newman – Embers (United Kingdom)

Wow wow wow! I love this!!! What a great commercial track, what an amazing vibe! What a track! If this will not end up top 5, it will be able to become a hit in the charts!


#02 Blas CantĂł – Voy A Quedarme (Spain)

The song sounds really good, but I am afraid this is not what the public wants to hear. Beautiful song for sure! I would like to hear it in a Slap House remix by the way !!!


#03 MĂĄneskin – Zitti E Buoni (Italy)

YEAH! Another rock song! GREAT! I love it. But will it end with the first 10? Not sure about that. Italy has a great song and there is a big audience for this genre. Commercial seen it’s not the best choice for Eurovision. Not sure where this is going to end! I love it.

TOP 10!

#04 Jendrik – I Don’t Feel Hate (Germany)

GHOSTBUSTERS! Oh no, wait this is a new song from Germany right? Oh yeah. Ok, better borrowed good than make something bad yourself huh? Jendrik brings us a very happy song WITH the Ghostbusters theme as refrain!

TOP 15

#05 Barbara Pravi – VoilĂ  (France)

“Chanson like Edith Piaf” is what I received. And I can only agree on this. What a great song! WOW! Top 3 for Barbara Pravi! Can this be the winner of this year?

TOP 3!

#06 Jeangu Macrooy – Birth Of A New Age (The Netherlands)

What am I allowed to say about the song from my own country? I am not allowed to say that Jeangu is singing about “broccoli”, even though that’s what you clearly hear in the song. The message of the song is great, no doubt about that. But I really don’t eat broccoli, and Jeangu is singing too much about it. So sorry … this will end up at the bottom.


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