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This evening it’s time for the 2nd Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. I was quite positive about many songs of the first Semi-Final BEFORE the performances. It turned out that many of them were not as good as expected. 2 songs went to the finals which with, 1 commercially seen a total disaster and 1 with a total out of tune voice.

The second semi-final is for me BEFORE the live performances a more “50/50” evening. Tuesday I had more “Finals! Top 10” options. Saturday the songs are also kind of 50/50, with a total disaster for the Netherlands (with lots of broccoli) and an amazing chanson from France.

But let’s focus now first on tonight’s show, based on radio edits, official videos and some live performances!


#01 Senhit – Adrenalina (San Marino)

Mmmm what should I say about this song? Music and composition is very cool. If Flo Rida will perform also in the Semi-Final, this will go to the finals. If not, I am afraid that the voice of Senhit is not strong enough to reach the finals. <UPDATE> I did write this BEFORE knowing that Flo Rida will be on stage as well. Knowing he will be on stage make this song FINALS for sure!


#02 Uku Suviste – The Lucky One (Estonia)

Great song! Good vibes and good voice! I hope it will be live as good as the radio version, a bit doubts about that, but I give Uku Suviste the benefits of the doubt!


#03 Benny Cristo – omaga (Czech Republic)

Nice song! Not typical Eurovision, which makes it more interesting as well. I hope Benny Cristo will reach the finals with omaga!


#04 Stefania – Last Dance (Greece)

18 years young and from the Netherlands, but performing for Greece! What do we need more? Stefania will go to the finals because her song is strong and powerful! I hope she will perform live on stage as good as in the studio!


#05 Vincent Bueno – Amen (Austria)

It’s not a song which you can call an earworm, it’s more a nice song, good for the radio channels, good for remixes .. yeah just good! But will it go to the finals?

50/50 finals possibility

#06 RAFAŁ – The Ride (Poland)

Great song, inspired by a Swedish/German act (probably also parts borrowed from them). The only thing why I am not sure if they will reach the finals: English language. It does sound kinda strange. But I love the song! And I remember I refused to release a song once because of the “bad” English and it became a #1 hit worldwide. So yeah, it does say nothing.

50/50 finals possibility

#07 Natalia Gordienko – SUGAR (Moldova)

Amazing song, beautiful woman. But I heard that the on stage performance was kind of bad. So Moldova will only reach the finals if the LIVE performance will be good. If not: exit. Oh, I don’t need to say that this sounds much like “I borrowed this song from someone else” right?

50/50 finals possibility

#08 Daði og Gagnamagnið – 10 Years (Iceland)

Last year I thought: Daði Freyr is kind of strange, but the top 3 is possible. This year I think: I LOVE THE OFFICIAL VIDEO TOO MUCH! ITS SO AMAZING!!! I really hope Daði Freyr will end up in the top 3 and to be honest number 1 would be totally amazing in my eyes!


#09 Hurricane – Loco Loco (Serbia)

Oh yeah! BRING IT ON! I will go totally Loco if this song will reach the finals. Great song, kind of strange but amazing!


#10 Tornike Kipiani – You (Georgia)

YAaawwnnn … oh hello! Sorry Georgia, but this is so super boring that you should not go to the finals.


#11 Anxhela Peristeri – Karma (Albania)

Oooh hi there Anxhela Peristeri !!! What a beautiful woman! But will beauty bring her to the finals? 50/50! Because the song sounds good and it is not in English. I give it a yes!


#12 The Black Mamba – Love Is On My Side (Portugal)

Huh? Not even 700K views on youtube while I am writing this?! Really? Mmmm. I have some Simply Red vibes with this song. And I need to say I like the song, even though the male voice is kind of strange. But I think it’s 50/50 for this song to reach the finals.

50/50 finals possibility

#13 VICTORIA – Growing Up Is Getting Old (Bulgaria)

A power ballad, something which I did miss so far. Perfect voice, perfect song! Finals for sure. I don’t know what to say more! Oh yeah, I would love to hear her in EDM songs!


#14 Blind Channel – Dark Side (Finland)

Oh yeah! A rock song! FINALLY!!!! Sounds a bit like PAIN (Shut Your Mouth / On and On / End Of The Line) .. and I really love that! I hope Finland makes it to the finals! I say YES YES YES!


#15 Samanta Tīna – The Moon Is Rising (Latvia)

Well done Latvia! A good song for the radio and even good for the clubs. This is what commercial songs are about. So for sure to the finals and I guess top 10 is possible, if the jury and voters do like commercial music!

FINALS! Top 10

#16 Gjon’s Tears – Tout l’Univers (Switzerland)

The Netherlands did win with a song like this, so why would Switzerland not be able to win? This song is for sure top 3 for me! Great song!

FINALS! Top 3!

#17 Fyr Og Flamme – Øve Os På Hinanden (Denmark)

Denmark is normally one of the countries I do like. But sorry Denmark, you can go home after the semi-finals. This is really not good. SORRY!


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