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Every year I do write a blog about what I think about the songs of the Eurovision Song Contest AND I make a “should I stay or should I pee” list AND I make a bingo card …. so much to do and not so much time. This blog is about the first semi-final on Tuesday the 18th of May 2021.

To be honest, I am quite surprised with the songs in this first semi-final. Only 3 songs should not go to the finals in my eyes, and one is only because of the location of the country. So overall. 2 out of 16 tracks are not good in my eyes / ears … and thats interesting! Normally it is like 50/50.

Ok, are you ready for what I think about the songs? LET’S GO!

#01 The Roop – Discoteque (Lithuania)

Is this a good start of the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest? Or will it be a start that you think OMG WHAT AM I HEARING/LOOKING AT? In my eyes and ears this is a pretty good start of this edition of the ESC! A Right Said Fred vibe is how I can say it the best.

Final worthy for sure!

#02 Ana Soklič – Amen (Slovenia)

If Ana will perform like this video below in the semi finals, the final will be reached. A power ballad. Typical Eurovision. Not something I would prefer, but its fine and worth listening + watching!


#03 Manizha – Russian Woman (Russia)

The beginning starts like the chicken winner from Israel a few years ago. To be honest, the complete song has that vibe. To be totally honest, not one of the best Russian acts, but this song is for sure worth to reach the finals. It’s different and while writing this the song already reached over 10 million views on YouTube!

Final worthy!

#04 Tusse – Voices (Sweden)

The start is “borrowed” from a different song, or songs to be honest. In the video below it does not sound totally that you think WOW. To be honest, it sounds out of tune.

For the first time I will say that Sweden should not be in the final!

NO to final

#05 Montaigne – Technicolour (Australia)

I need to be honest, and I want to say that Australia needs to be banned from Eurovision. They are not part of Europe and even though they like the show, they should not be part of it. Otherwise we should make Worldwide Song Contest.

That said, Montaigne brings a great song, but she is shouting too much. Hope it will not be like that on stage.

NO to final, since Australia should not be participating in an European based competition

#06 Vasil – Here I Stand (North Macedonia)

Vasil has a great voice, but I am not getting really excited of the song. It’s a nice song, nothing wrong with it. But it ain’t special, it ain’t got the WOW factor. I would not be surprised if it would reach the finals, but also would not be surprised if it did not reach the finals.

50/50 finals possibility

07 Lesley Roy – MAPS (Ireland)

Better a good borrowed song than a shitty song. And I think that MAPS is simply amazing! Please perform as good as in the video below, and I can hear a top 10 in the finals!!! LOVE IT!

FINALS! Top 10

#08 Elena Tsagrinou – El Diablo (Cyprus)

Every year I do have some connection with Cyprus, also this year. Even though the song sounds like being borrowed by several artists, with main focus on Lady Gaga ……

Elena will go to the finals. Great song! Only I wish she would not sing “lola lola lola”, because that means “grandmother” in Tagalog (Filipino language). Now I think the song is about her grandma.

FINALS! Top 10

#09 TIX – Fallen Angel (Norway)

The real song for Norway should have been by KEiiNO. They were far the best and they would have the biggest possibility to win this year. TIX has a nice song, yes. But not special, nothing refreshing (beside the performance) … just a simple typical Eurovision song. Final worthy? Mmm not sure.

50/50 finals possibility

#10 Albina – Tick-Tock (Croatia)

Will she sing like in the national final performance, she will have the possibility to reach the top 10 in the finals. Great song! I love it. Nothing more to say

FINALS! Top 10

#11 Hooverphonic – The Wrong Place (Belgium)

In my eyes this great Belgian act is standing on the wrong stage, since they are too amazing to participate at the Eurovision. But on the other side, maybe more people will finally learn to know them! Great song!

FINALS! Top 10

#12 Eden Alene – Set Me Free (Israel)

Maybe Eden Alene will be my crush of the year! I hope she will perform as good as in the official music video and in a rehearsal I watched. What a woman. WOW!

FINALS! Top 10

#13 ROXEN – Amnesia (Romania)

Yeah what to say about Amnesia, a typical Eurovision song. Romania is known for their amazing dance tracks, so why not sending something more like the amazing sounds? This is “too much Eurovision”. But yeah, the song is good. But average.


#14 Efendi – Mata Hari (Azerbaijan)

Many years ago I did work with the Azerbaijan team. And I am surprised how many great acts this country has. I hope that Efendi will sing as cool as in the radio version. She can reach the finals for sure. And I hope top 10!

FINALS! Hope for top 10

#15 Go_A – Shum (Ukraine)

OMG! Pain in my ears. What a terrible song. But yeah, they will go to the finals because of countries around them. The song is terrible and far below Eurovision levels.


#16 Destiny – Je Me Casse (Malta)

Lets borrow the idea and song from other people, maybe we can create a hit. That’s what Malta thought. And they did it good! LOVE IT!


And this was the end for the show on Tuesday! On Wednesday the blog for the songs on Thursday (the 2nd Semi-Final) will appear online! I am curious if I will be that positive about the 17 tracks for that day as well!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on my Twitter:

There you will find the “Should I Stay Or Should I Pee” card tomorrow + the bingo!!!


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