Wednesday the 25th of March 2020. My #CoronaVirus #QuarantineLife in #Luzon, the #Philippines! #COVID19 #CoronavirusLockdown #StayHome #LuzonLockdown #COVID2019

Another day passed by. And we are now in day 10 I guess of the lockdown. There will be one month extra for us. So that means it will be until May for sure. My heart is hoping that it will end there, but my brains are telling me it will take much more time.

So how was this 10th day in lockdown? Last night I had to reanimate my kitten Polly 3 times in total. when I did wake up … he already died. I do feel sad about it but on the other hand: he did get one and a half week love and care from us. Otherwise he would have been dead the day that I did find him.

While being sad that Polly died, on top of our building we did hear “miauw miauw”. A quick look showed us that the cat of the neighbour did gave birth to 3 little kittens: 2 boys and 1 girl (as what we could see). We hope they will be ok!

Quarantine in the Philippines gets harder and harder. My wife went for the final time to a grocery store. She left at 7AM and returned at 11AM! Only like 20 people were allowed in the Puregold. My goodness! What a waste of time. And she did not get an aircon yet, so she had to go back again later!!!
At the end of the day we finally had an aircon. I did get wounds on my hand because of it so I did give up and let someone else place it. I mean: if I screw it up … I am annoyed all the time hahaha!

We received a text from our neighbours that there will be a curfew now between 3PM and 6AM. That means you are not allowed to go outside. This makes me to reach the boiling point and I am totally done with the insane rules in the Philippines so far.
I know the virus is dangerous and I know that we have to take it serious BUT COME ON!
I am online until like 2AM until 3AM. After that I sleep until like 11AM – 12noon. Why are these people not thinking about people like me who work in European time?
For sure I will just walk with my dog on the times the dog needs to walk. Why would I not right? Do I need to let the dog do the weewee and poopoo in the house? Or does one of the Brgy officials come and walk with the dog? Good luck … the dog will bite the Brgy official into pieces.

People are not thinking when they are making rules. They did already show it with the Brgy Passes. Now my wife is the head of the household and I have nothing to say. That did result again in me watering all the plants, doing the dishwashing, cleaning and so on! My goodness, it’s pure discrimination that she did get the pass! WHY? I want a pass too. Probably the (local) governments do not care about foreigners.

Anyway, still hoping that the Dutch government will take all the Dutch nationals away from this country. It will only get worse in my eyes.

Did you know that France did return people from the Philippines for 300 EURO only? The Dutch government is asking 900 (!!!) euro for a one way ticket.

Time to sleep now people.

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