Tuesday the 24th of March 2020. My #CoronaVirus #QuarantineLife in #Luzon, the #Philippines! #COVID19 #StayHome #LuzonLockdown #COVID2019

Another day at the Philippines. Not giving up but thinking we can not go to the Netherlands before July. But so be it. Even though we still hope to get away from this country where it can get crazy every minute of the day.

For now the crazy thing we can have is the hot Summer coming in. Today was a combination of HOT weather in the morning going to colder weather in the afternoon: thanks to some nice clouds and a bit of wind!
“colder” still means its 30+ degrees by the way haha!

So I think this is day 9 of lockdown. No work at all, so watching Netflix and relaxing. Walking with the dog. But suddenly our kitten Polly did start to shake and act crazy. Last Saturday we did lost his brother Lolly already with almost the same kinda happening.
This time we did do CPR, we gave Polly a heartmassage! After 1.5 hours he was back to us and a bit stronger. A few hours later he was having the strange attacks again. Within 10 minutes of a heartmassage he was back again and we did keep on feeding him and warming him with our body.

Let’s hope he will be much better tomorrow!
Here my tweet about his recovery:

Talking about tomorrow, my wife wil try to buy an aircon! Fingers corssed that she can find one.

For now I am totally tired and my eyes are almost closing! So I keep it short today! Tomorrow probably longer story.


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