Monday the 23rd of March 2020. My #CoronaVirus #QuarantineLife in #Luzon, the #Philippines! #COVID19 #StayHome #LuzonLockdown #COVID2019

Another day, another problem! At least thats how it looks today. While my eyes are almost closing and I should have been sleeping already 3 hours, I am still online writing my story for you.
Day 8 of staying at home, just like all the other days before because I am almost always at home hahaha!

Anyway, what happened today?
I was reading news and suddenly I hear that the Dutch foreign affairs wants people to pay 900 euro for a ticket to go from the destination out of Europe to the Netherlands (300 euro if it is in Europe).
Normally a one way ticket from Manila to Amsterdam is 400 – 500 euro in this time. So big money or why more or less asking double the price?
They say there is about 10M in euro available for this project … why do we still need to pay the tickets?
I hope they come with a solution that we can pay in terms. I wouldnt mind if it will be 900 euro if thats possible. 10 or 12 terms are the best!

But in the news in the Philippines, the main focus was on the president who would get more power. IF that would happen, people would start to panic and it would be possible grocery stores would close. So my wife had to RUSH to the grocy stores at 4PM, while the stores would close at 5PM!

Our neighbour showed us earlier how dirty the shopping carts actually are. I was surprised. His new white gloves did turn YELLOW! You can’t believe it but WOW! Insane.
So please was your hands good if you touch a shopping cart … spray lots of alcohol on these dirty things! IEWL!

Nah, I am hoping my wife and me can get away from this country asap. For now we are fine, but for how long? I have no idea.
If I could look into the future, WOW! I would be rich now hahahaha!

So don’t forget to keep on smiling and enjoy all the small things you have.

See you tomorrow!

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