KEiiNO – Praying (new hit by the #Eurovision super stars from Norway)

While watching the Eurovision Song Contest this year, there was no doubt: KEiiNO was simply the best. Ok ok, the Netherlands with Duncan was amazing too, but the best song was ofcourse Spirit In The Sky. The people loved KEiiNO more, but sadly KEiiNO did get almost no points from the jury.

Why is KEiiNO different than other acts? Ofcourse the vocals of singer Fred Buljo. The Sami languaged and something called joik or yoik. The sounds of KEiiNO so far reminds me for 100% of Alan Walker. Maybe because Alexandra Rotan is or has been working with Alan. Who knows. But it’s a match. With Praying I also hear some KYGO sounds. Surprise? No, because also Kygo is from Norway. I find Tom Hugo his vocals very good and I love to hear him in combination with Alexandra Rotan.

What about KEiiNO their new song Praying?
Where Spirit In The Sky was a huge hit at the Eurovision, it did not hit the charts that well as I thought it would. Praying will hit the charts for sure, if it gets the right promotion. The summer vibes are there. Only the beginning is a bit weak, I would cut off that part (sorry Fred!).

What do you think? Reply in a comment! Listen to the track on YouTube and sing a long:

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