PLDT blog part 6: REAL customer experiences in TWEETS about #PLDT (the #1 drama company of the #Philippines!)

A brand new blog about PLDT. Sorry that it took me so long. I have been ill and was not in the mood to write about this company which only makes me angry when I think about them! So sorry for that! I finally found a way how to add tweets in a blog, since “embed tweet” was never working. This time some tweets in the blog with my comments!

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Many people are annoyed with the ALWAYS copy paste replies of PLDT, here a good tweet about that:

How frustrating can a company be? Right, when your social media department works like brainless zombies, you will get more and more angry customers. Something which is very easy with PLDT, (see tweet above). But if you also do not what you promise, people get more and more angry:

PLDT makes living in the Philippines like a drama. Alexis knows that too. Small mistakes by PLDT will take days or weeks or even months to be fixed:

Mart Lyn kept on calling to PLDT, but yeah, AS ALWAYS … the company is doing nothing.

I did find out that the Twitter account @PLDT is sometimes sharing a customer tweet. It happens almost never, but when they do it, it’s only positive. SURPRISE! Thats why I did dare them to share the REAL customer experiences too. Let’s see.

I wake up and see that #SixWordHorror is trending on Twitter. The best Six Word Horror I can come up with: I DO HAVE INTERNET FROM PLDT 🙂

Ok, one more from me 🙂 I am trying to upload something. REMEMBER: I pay 3000PHP for 50MBPS, 137.6MB takes more than one hour because PLDT is so terrible slow. Yup!

Oh yeah! BuffaloCharge knows what I am thinking. But I hope I get my +5 million pesos first. After that I hope they will be closed down indeed.

Ryesah knows what I feel. I would say: lets make the invoice 1 PHP only. Thats the maximum PLDT is worth.

Ralph knows what’s best. PLDT replies like a brainless zombie with asking to write a DM because of private information. Woeahahahaha! Ralph did the best thing he could ever do: SAY GOODBYE TO PLDT!

But yeah, after you say Goodbye to PLDT, then what? There is not a real other one. You always need for sure 2 or 3 internet connections right? UNI is right. But even then.

R Carvajal comes up with the solution. There needs to be a new internet provider. A provider which thinks from the view of the client and not from the view of the CEO.

And I keep on going if I look at
So many people are angry with this company. When will it stop? Where will it stop? We need to work together to make it stop!!!

Through Twitter you always have to tag the following Twitter accounts:
@PLDT_Cares @pldt @PLDTHome @monisberto @iamMVP

Don’t forget to become a member of the Facebook group PLDT Problems and share all your problems there:

See you soon with blog 7!!!



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