PLDT blog part 5: Real stories AND facts about how #PLDT (the #1 drama company of the #Philippines!) is acting towards customers

After releasing blog 4, I did find out that PLDT Home Facebook page did block me from replying on their messages and also not on public messages on their Facebook page! That’s interesting! I did not harrash them or did do anything wrong. I am only showing them that the messages they are sending are terrible wrong and bad. Beside that I am collecting information from people who DO complain over there. It makes me wonder: IS PLDT NOT WILLING THAT I DO PUBLISH ALL THESE FACTS ABOUT THEIR WRONG DOING TOWARDS ITS CUSTOMERS?

That’s why I made a FACEBOOK PAGE called: PLDT Problems:
Here you can drop all your problems with PLDT and if it is interesting enough, I will ad it into my next blog!

While scrolling through the PLDT Enterprise Facebook like page and PLDTpublicaffairs, I did find this interesting message from Yanyan:
Good day PLDT Home,
today we recieved yet again another billing statement from you.
and yet since mid-March 2019 we don’t have internet and dialtone.
how in world you people have a basis on how much is our bill?
we have follow up countless times to you, through facebook, twitter, over the phone and my Dad even went to your office near Welcome Rotonda and yet we ONLY got a response “we’ll follow up” that’s it. and you expect us to be okay with that??? you given us too much inconvenience and still no action or improvement to our concern. and you’re going to charge us 2months with our basis????
how could you! we’ve been patiently waiting for you PLDT Home to do something. we’re almost in our 3rd month with out dialtone and internet.
grabe kayo.

Again another proof that PLDT has no idea what it´s doing. Dear Yanyan is desperate. Almost 3 months she is suffering from having NO internet and NO dialtone. Her father filed a complaint at an office and they did try in MANY ways to file the complaint through social media and even 171. Even though, PLDT is sending invoices.
This is ILLEGAL and should not be done. It is a miracle that the government of the Philippines is NOT doing anything about this!

Another interesting one on the same page, this time from Noel Tio:
I’ve been calling PLDT for the past 4 days!! My 20mbps DSL has been in and out, minimum I would call 2x per day, I don’t have internet again you’ve never refunded a single penny to me and I don’t expect you to, since your service is as Bulok as your customer service!!!! Fix my God damn internet!!!

The most interesting story of the week was by @PAWSPhilippines. They do prevent animal cruelty through education and have almost 20k followers on Twitter. Look at what they did tweet:

In the tweets below the one of @PAWSPhilippines, I did find @janville888 with the latest PLDT experience. The line pldt installed got loose and was dangling besides our fence and our neighbors…reported it not once, but 4 times…first, i was told to report it sa bantay kable, then bantay kable, for whatever reason, told us sa 171 daw…thats what they do..false promises..always..
So I asked about the complete story, here we go:
Right now my wife’s watching youtube and i am browsing facebook without pictures… nice eh?😡

Took me more than a dozen times to get thru 171, that 171 will make u wait long to the point of absurdity.. out of that dozen, i got to talk to a real person 4 times…reported my case, told me to report it to another entity, they call it bantay kable..
But surely enough, after days of not paying the bill after the due date, theyll have someone call and tell us we need to pay asap or else cut ang line..

Now, our landline has too little or no volume at all, u sometimes cant decipher what the person on the other line is talking about… internet? if my wife is watching youtube or a movie sa netflix, wala na..buffering na lang..
then that bantay kable told me to call 171 again because there was no internet and landline connection at all.. good thing i saw a lineman putting up a new line sa neighbor ko, only then was my problem fixed..but still, erratic ang connection..
I had to stay where the lineman was parked to be sure he wont go away.. but in fairness, the lineman was kind and helped us fix it.. no point venting my ire to the poor lineman because of PLDTs disservice to their customers..

As you can see, another terrible experience from a PLDT customer.
How is it possiblet hat this company can keep on going? There is no structure in the 171 callcenter, they all seem to be brainless zombies without any idea of what they are doing. Problems are not being solved or it will take a huge amount of time.

WHY IS NO ONE STOPPING THIS COMPANY? This corrupted company needs to learn that you can not act like this towards your customers.

You are having huge problems with them too? File a complaint for EVERY small medium or big problem, through their Facebook messenger:  ,  Twitter:  and NTC:

Tell them you expect the problem to be solved within a specific amount of time. For a linecheck they should do it within 24 hours, for a repair they should do it within 3 days (72 hours) after you file the complaint.
Make clear that if they will exceed the stated amount of time, you claim 1,000 PHP up to 5,000 PHP per day (depends on the reason why you use the internet/landline + the amount of time this problem is already running).
Through Twitter you always have to tag the following Twitter accounts:
@PLDT_Cares @pldt @PLDTHome @monisberto @iamMVP

Ok, so far for now. Otherwise the blog will become way tooooo big! SOON MORE!!

Don’t forget to become a member of the Facebook group PLDT Problems and share all your problems there:


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