Real stories AND facts about how #PLDT (the #1 drama company of the #Philippines!) is acting towards customers (part 4)

Before I start writing about PDLT, don’t forget: for every problem with #PLDT, file a complaint through their Facebook messenger:  ,  Twitter:  and NTC:
With filing these complaints you have proof you did mention the issues. It’s no issue if they do not reply at all, that’s their problem. But if you did file complaints about the issue to all these channels; you have done your duty and they can not say you did not mention it, since you have proof!

Ok, great news about my internet which is also very interesting for you! My internet from PLDT is 50MBPS on Fibr connection, this means I should pay 2900 PHP per month. When you load a video on YouTube it keeps on buffering. If you have a question to PLDT it take weeks or months before they reply (if they reply). A week ago the guy from CONVERGE came with the papers to sign up for a 10mbps connection, which costs 1250 PHP per month! The next day he came back to get the papers and requested documents AND we had to pay 1250 + 1000 PHP for the installation. He promised that the technicians would come within 1 – 4 days
Thinking that it will take WEEKS like with PLDT, I was so surprised the technicians show up the next MORNING!!!!! Less than 24 hours we did pay and gave the papers. They did install everything very nice, smooth AND QUICK! WOW! Now we have CONVERGE next to our PLDT, what a difference it is and what a great idea!
Converge, 10MBPS Cable internet: 1250 PHP
> YouTube video direct starts playing, no interruptions!
PLDT, 50MBPS, Fibr internet, 2900 PHP
> YouTube video keeps on buffering, takes +/- 1 minute before it starts, many interruptions!


Today I did talk with Milli, she tells me a terrible story about how PLDT did send her information to a debt collector. I have my doubts if this debt collector is real, but let’s read the story of Milli first:
Have been a PLDT subscriber for a very long time. Even inherited an account from my parents.
“As you can see, Milli has always been a loyal customer, even giving her parents PLDT. With all what will follow now, she would NEVER have done that!
But really got fed up with their DSL service because for the last 5 yrs it was either poor or no connection and I run my business from home so it really affected my income.”
Yup, we heard that before! PLDT is destroying home based busines all the time!

Last August (2018), when I learned that Converge was already available in our area, I hurriedly went to PLDT’s office in Makati and had my account terminated. Waited for 4 hrs but what the hell, it was nothing compared to the hell I’ve been through as their subscriber.
Despite that, every month I would get a red enveloped bill, harassing phone calls and messages from their collection agency. I wrote to PLDT: email, PMs, DMs, tweets but they would just ask me about my account details and never acted on my request to confirm that my acct had been terminated. Frustrating because I had my acct terminated at the head office so why did I still need to confirm?!

The reason why Milli did got my attention, was due to her tweet with a TEXT from the debt collector, here you see her tweet:

(1) “Since you are NOT INTERESTED to settle your PLDT account”
Euhm, this debt collector seems to THINK that Milli is not interested. That’s wrong!
Milli has been very interested, but there is no reason to pay since she LEGALLY did cancel her contract with PLDT!
(2) “cost a higher amount for the extinguishment of the CONTRACT”.
It is funny that this debt collector is ‘shouting’ specific terms. Really interesting.
Since there is NO contract at all, since Milli did cancel it legally in a PLDT office, there is no contract
(3) “We are giving you TODAY until TOMORROW to settle your PLDT OBLIGATION”
Whut? “TODAY UNTIL TOMORROW“? That’s not even LEGAL language, thats just saying something.  This debt collector did not learn that he or she needs to say a specific date and time. What if I read this text message 7 days from now, it’s still “TODAY UNTIL TOMORROW”.  Beside that, they have no proof that you will actually receive or read the message!

Ms Jennalyn, who calls herself a “Legal Assistant” for M.L. SOBREDILLA LAW OFFICE seems to be a student or has no idea how things work. Beside that, I did a google check on the name of this “law office”, but yeah there are some results BUT:
– there is no official website
– there is no Facebook page
– there is no social media account
So HOW ON EARTH would you ever trust a text message like this?

It is clear that this is for 99% a scam e-mail from someone who is trying to earn money.
It is also possible that this company did BUY unpaid bills from PLDT to earn money, it seems that way when you read the message.
In any way you have not heard of that before: it’s very populair in European countries to buy outstanding balances from companies. Threaten the people with the fact that they need to pay “or otherwise …”.
And how easy is it to make a phone number and say you are a “Legal Assistant”.

Yup, it’s pretty clear that PLDT made huge mistakes in the case of Milli! But, stubborn as PLDT is, and as brainless zombies everywhere in the PLDT (and SMART) company: THEY DO NOTHING FOR MILLI!!!!!

So, what is what I think about this case?
Remember what I said in BLOG 2 about PLDT and working with their so called offices? ( )
I am afraid that Milli has been framed by the office where she went to. The people at the PLDT offices doing nothing.
Beside that, how is it possible that if you are a customer OVER 5 YEARS that your contract can not be cancelled right away? If that is the fact in this case: WHY NO ONE TOLD MILI? Regarding her customer rights: There is no reason that the contract would be active and there is no reason why Mili has to pay any PESO at all towards PLDT or the Debt Collector.

So far the information about MILI and what happened to her!
Are you in a situation like this? DO NOT pay the debt collector and DO NOT pay PLDT at all! It seems that the CEO of PLDT only thinks about making money and his fake internet speeds. But customers? No, PLDT does not care about customers! ONLY ABOUT MONEY!
Write me a direct message on Facebook or Twitter ( @totallyanders ) and I would love to use your story in my next blog!

Oh, to make your morning/day/night/weekend more amazing, here some screenshots of idiot replies from the PLDT_cares answering machine. Below this collage I will discuss them with a sense of humor!

Ok, lets start with 1:
Here you can see how the answering machine of PLDT is actually working. I think they have no idea at all that this is what they are doing. Very interesting is the phrase:
“That is not what we want to hear from you”
So, tell me PLDT! Why you don’t want to hear from me that I am unhappy with you? Why you don’t want to hear that I am angry? Is that because I am totally in my right to file complaints and you have really no freaking idea how to solve it? I guess so. Because WHY would you not want to hear that from me right? What an IDIOTIC way of talking to a customer. Like “HEY YOU IDIOT! THATS NOT WHAT I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! BECAUSE I AM THE ALLMIGHTY PLDT AND WHAT YOU ARE SAYING IS BAD! YOU S*CKERS!”. That’s the feeling this zombie is creating.

“This is not the service that we want you to have”
One of the most EMPTY things you can say to a customer who gets a terrible service from you as a company. Yeah WHO CARES that is NOT the service that you want me to have, you are giving it to me so FIX IT you dumb ass!
After that they say sorry, but they are doing nothing and they say it “will be taken care of at the soones possible time” While they are saying before that “immediate action”
We all know that this means it will take over 4 weeks, while a solution is 9 out of 10 super simple. But yeah, we are dealing with probably the most stupid country in the world right?

“We don’t want to see our customers frustrated with their service.”
OH REALLY? So why are you frustrating 99% of your customers? My goodness. How bad can you reply. “Let’s have a conversation regarding your concern via PM”.
We all know that if you have a frustrated customer, you should not let them go to the PM.
And exactly THAT is the reason why PLDT is not replying to PMs within weeks.

“Making sure you’ve got the connection speed you deserve is our goal”
Yup, seen that one many times too. They are actually saying that they HATE YOU as a customer. That’s why they are giving you a shitty speed!

Number 2:
“We definitely aim to fix your concern. Sorry for such kind of experience”

Euhm, REALLY? PLDT is aiming to fix something, but aiming is not actually doing anything. Forwarding a message to a technician results in 9 out of 10 into waiting a minimum of 4 (!!) weeks before someone comes (if someone comes). They also say that it’s just an “experience” and they are not saying they did do anything wrong. PLDT keeps on making the idea that you as a customer does everything wrong!

“immediate assistance” is, as we know, a very stupid phrase which PLDT is using in many messages but is meaningless.
“We’ll not stop until we get the job done” is also very empty and means nothing. Because YOU as a customer know that PLDT is doing nothing, so yeah “we’ll not stop” means they already stopped at the moment you did end the 171 conversation.
“get the job done” is also very that you say strange, 9 out of 10 it takes a minimum of 4 weeks before anything happens. So, are they being busy all that time with you for all these weeks?  I mean, that’s a huge waste of money.

Colipano asks a question, but they reply on the other person in the conversation.

Number 3:
Check how Lanze Manao is asking his question?
In both replies PLDT talks about the “support group”. But they don’t come up with anything. Because what is exactly Lanze his question? “check my internet connection please”. So, how hard can it be to CHECK the connection of Lanze? Nope, PLDT Home is sending the message to a different department.
But they did forward “the concern” (I think its a PROBLEM, not a concern) to the support group AND after that they say “we are doing our best to process your concern at the soonest possible time”. Uhm, that last part sounds like a bullshit story.
In the second message they say they let the support group “gear up the process of repair”. Also a terrible empty message, but oke … there you have the feeling something may be done maybe.  But why they do not “gear up the process of repair” themself? That would be service. Probably this is again a message which is a “empty promise” and nothing will be done

Number 4:
Do you see the message from Noel? I am already sending several message through Twitter for Noel. Upon today the problem is not solved and they are doing nothing at all to fix the problems.
Noel is saying “Never support PLDT Home, they are a nuisance service provider and an incompetent product supplier”.
As you can see, Noel knows exactly what PLDT is. The right words about this terrible company. There PLDT replies:
“We know the importance of having reliable services”.
OH REALLY? Thats why so many people suffer from terrible internet and thats why the answers of the PLDT Home and the PLDT_Cares accounts are so bad?
“this concern will be on top of our priority”. WOW! So Noel will be TOP priority … what about all the others? After that you see “We do not want you to feel that way”. No ofcourse not, you dont want complaining people! Ofcourse they send him a useless message …. as always!

For now I leave the story of NOEL like this, because you will find it all in a brand new blog on Sunday!

This blog is way toooo long now. Let’s end this one for now and a brand new blog will follow soon! Find the previous blogs below:
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