#PLDT, the #1 drama company! Real stories AND facts about how PLDT is acting towards customers (part 3)

Already the third blog in my blog series about PLDT. And for sure not the last. As long as PLDT is not making publicly known that they make huge mistakes against their customers, I will keep on publishing the real stories from PLDT customers. All the blogs are FACTS, nothing has been made up. It is no “i feel this way” or “this is what I think that happened”. NO! It’s all REALLY what PLDT is doing to customers who are PAYING lots of pesos for their connection, but PLDT is just acting towards them like they are not more than the dirt or sand on the ground. They just simple DO NOT CARE. As long as the CEO gets his money, they will not stop with their terror towards the customers.

I already said it before, but PLDT is acting like a dictator. In my eyes it should not be possible to have a monopoly position like PLDT is having in may towns in the Philippines. Because there is almost no other internet provider, PLDT can keep on doing what they want. This needs to STOP! The only way to make them stop is when we all file complaints about PLDT at the ombudsman, DTI and the government. Complaining at PLDT is not working, because they have NO IDEA how to handle complaints.
From the DTI I received a message with a link where EVERYONE should file complaints, please do it! This is the link: http://ntc.gov.ph/?page_id=5575

While I was busy with the Eurovision Song Contest, I had some interesting chats with Nadine through DM of Twitter. Where “PLDT” always claims to answer “immediate”, I actually did react “immediate” on Nadine. Her story is very interesting! Here we go!
For over 6 months Nadine is waiting for a FIBR connection of PLDT. She keeps on requesting it through Twitter, Facebook and even an office. As you know by now, the offices in the street are most of the time not even working with the customer care.
PLDT was telling Nadine to pay money because the contract could not be closed. She knows now that she can just stop paying and move on to a different provider. But she keeps on paying for several months for a bad connection. After many messages PLDT is AGAIN asking for the account details, which she already gave many times. Even they are already aware of the situation for 6 months or longer, PLDT answers:
“Apologies for the inconvenience. We’re currently working on your case. Feedback will be proviced the soonest possible time. We appreciate your cooperation and patience. Thanks!”
We can all see that this is a copy paste message without any empathy towards the client, in this case Nadine.
Nadine also tells me: Considering that we’ve been patronizing for more than 2 decades, a little concern makes all the difference. I understand there’s always room for improvement but PLDT doesnt seem to care at all. Our concerns as consumers dont seem important to them.
Nadine is paying + 2000 PHP for 5MBPS internet speed, which she does not get most of the time. The speed is always gone when it starts to drizzle. Ofcourse PLDT is not helping her (as always).

Until today, Nadine is still receiving terrible replies from PLDT (copy paste) and they are not helping her any further. She is saying in beautiful words: They dont miss the date sending our bills but PLDT does miss giving us the service we pay for.

This week I did had a interesting chat with SV. Here his story about his Home Fibr connection of PLDT!

Let me tell you man, worst experience ever!! April 24, 2019 PLDT did install our land line + internet (home fibr 2899) which gives you 50MPBS. I have no problem with the speed of the internet, the tech who installed it and another tech who checked the installation were awesome! April 24-29 we were able to use the service with no any issues. April 29,2019 4PM is when it all started. No internet and also no dial tone.
I try rebooting the modem since that’s the first thing I do every time this issue happens to me with GLOBE and that fixes the issue right away (the reason why I know this is because I used to work for TMobile UK). It’s basic troubleshooting right and I don’t want to call CS, they will advise the same thing.

So I tried rebooting the modem several times and still getting the blinking red light in my LOS. Around 7PM (Apr 29) I did call the customer service and tell them about the issue. Now since its my first time calling and reporting about it, the agent opened a “ticket” and advised that they already forwarded it to the department that handles these kind of concerns. You see, since I worked in a BPO, I know that the person i was talking to was actually doing the correct process. So before the call ended, the agent gave me the fault ticket number (which is always included in all my tweets). With globe, when I report an issue, agent will give you the ticket number AND your schedule (for tech visit). So anyway,

I was under the impression that the same thing will happen like a tech will call me saying that they will be checking the modem and lines the next day. NO ONE CALLED ME AND NO ONE SHOWED UP. Take note, I am still studying. I gave it another day and still none. Good thing I saved the phone number of the tech checker and asked him if he’s the one who will check my lines, he said “no” unfortunately and asked him instead of what happened. He actually explained to me that there was a fire on the 29th in Bacoor and that the “box” was damaged due to the accident. So I said ok and asked him if he can update me.

May 1, I called 171 again and the agent was super annoying but I still kept my cool, I thought it was just one of those “fishbowling agents” (they are those agents who just graduated from training and are required to take actual calls for 2 hours with trainers with them). Being the person that I am, I explained again to him what happened and the line got disconnected.
>>>Anders Lundgren; this actually happens to many customers who call. When the agent has no idea what to do they disconnect the call. That’s 1 of the worst things you can do as a customer care agent!<<<

May 2, i received a text message from the same tech and advised me that everything was back to normal and that I should call 171 and tell them about it. So I did what he said and this time I requested for a tech visit. By the way, with PLDT, if you have an open ticket and call them, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SPEAK WITH AN AGENT ANYMORE! Lol. Since I know the run around (thank god!) I am able to call them every single day.
Just change the last digit of your phone number haha.

May 6:
3 days passed and still no tech, no internet and a little bit of patience. I called again and when someone answers the call, my opening spiel will be “this is a follow up request for a technician to check our line/box” and the agent will just go in circles that I just have to cut them off to lessen the hassle or tell them to check the memo on my account so that they dont have to repeat everything. Again, no tech the next day.

So I decided to go to the business center in Imus, Cavite before I go to school. It was 8:30am so I guess the rep I talked to was still in a good mood. She was helpful and I requested for a tech visit and a tech came the same day which pisses me off like, how come she was able to do that and the agents I spoke to a couple of days were not. Tech advised that the line from the modem and inside the house was good and that the problem is with the poste where we are connected. Imagine calling them every. single. day with the same expectation (stupid customer service rep and no resolution)

22nd day today and still no service that I will be PAYING IN FULL btw. These social media representatives are the worst! They don’t even check the whole tweet! When I started tweeting about this I know that it will be the end of me being patient. I know nothing will happen because they have quotas if you’re in a “back office work”.

When I came across your blog I was sooooo happy, they’re a bit scared with users with thousands of followers because they know that a tweet or post will reach a lot of people. I just went to their office here in Imus and made a follow up. Then on my way home, i saw a pldt technician and asked him about the request order, he said no request order was forwarded to them.

>> Until so far for this blog <<<
I received so many complaints and interesting stories, that I will come up this week with part 4 and 5 for sure! Don’t forget to file your complaint at http://ntc.gov.ph/?page_id=5575  and if you need any help fighting against the terror which is called PLDT, let me know through Twitter and Facebook: @totallyanders ! I will give you tips about how to talk to the agents on the phone and I will help you file the right complaint.

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