Real customer stories and facts about #PLDT! The biggest drama of the #Philippines!

As promised I would publish more blogs about PLDT and how this company is reacting towards it’s clients. This time a little sneak peak inside offices of PLDT. Or, are they actually REALLY PLDT offices? Ok, surprise: NO! Most of the offices are NOT working with the PLDT customer care center.

In December my wife went to an office of PLDT to request transfer from location. Since I was annoying the customer care worker with shouting out loud that waiting with 5 people for 2 hours was insane (which did finally bring a laugh at the faces of all the super annoyed people who were waiting).
The woman, who was working super slow, as slow as the speed of PLDT internet when you pay 3000PHP per month (paying for 50MBPS but receiving maximum like 5 MBPS), was up to no speed all the time. She looked bored and was really doing almost nothing. If only my wife would have let me to be the annoying foreigner, MY GOODNESS! That woman would have been fired that day for sure!
Anyway, transfer of location could be done with rush within a few days. OK! Amazing. Ofcourse nothing happened, as always when someone from PLDT makes a promise. the P in PLDT stands for “Promise breakers” by the way! After 3 days I did decide to call the customer I do not care line 171! Ok, now it’s getting interesting!
Customer Care: No sir, we do not work with that office.
Me: So why do we go to a PLDT office, with PLDT logo on the building, where everyone goes with PLDT related questions. How can you say they don’t work with you?
Customer Care: ofcourse no idea why, like always, bad trained worker
Me: So, transfer of location requested, do it asap I NEED IT BECAUSE I AM FREELANCER AND I WORK ONLINE!. Fyi: my rate is 20 EURO (in PHP +/- 1200PHP) per hour!
Customer Care: transfer of location takes 4 till 8 weeks.
Me (patience totally gone):  NO! NOW! YOUR WORKER AT THE OFFICE PROMISED IT! FIX IT!
Customer Care: No sir, we can not do it, technicians blablabla.
Customer Care worker probably start to be scared and no idea how to react anymore.
Me: Every PESO I do loose because of you, will be collected from you and I do not wish to pay the bill of this and next month because of what you are doing
Customer Care: It will take 2 months before the rebate will be active
Me: I don’t care, its about these months, not about over 2 months!

Interesting fact about TRANSFER TO A NEW LOCATION! 
Customer Care: Oh sir, if you transfer from location you get a new contract for 48 months.
Me: Oh no, that’s not going to happen. You transfer my line but I do not agree on a new contract.
Customer Care: sir that’s how it works
Me: That’s illegal, I do not ask for a new contract, I only ask you to put a new line on my new location, that’s it. There is no reason for a new contract.
Customer Care: I can not change that sir, it’s how it works
Me: I DO NOT AGREE! ** hehe I have already a million reasons why this contract is not even legit anymore due to all the failurs of PLDT **

All of the above is just short version, because I have much more from other clients to tell you! HERE WE GO!

One of the stories I did receive through Facebook confirms my story above. I call the person from Facebook “N”.
His experience with PLDT was and is truly terrible. Already for 3 months there is no decent connection. For like 99% of the customers of PLDT it ain’t surprise. But for the people in the office it seems to be a huge surprise when N goes there!
“I also went to their office personally and complained numerous times and even asked to speak speak with their superior.”
That’s pretty logical, if you have a huge complaint you want to speak with a supervisor, because the customer worker only keeps on saying “yes I will do that” or “yes sir” or “you have to pay first sir”. But in this case it’s getting pretty interesting to be honest:
N: “They always say that the supervisor and manager is on leave. For how long? Every time I visit their office, their superior is always on leave…”
This shows once again that the offices of PLDT are not really working with PLDT, they are acting like they are powerful, but in reality they have nothing to say. There should ALWAYS be a supervisor in any kind of store. If not, that’s a huge stupidity. But ok, we are talking here about PLDT right? Nothing new if we are talking about strange / stupid things.

N does continue: In fairness to their front liners, they are doing their job. And that is to give the customers some kind of hope and gives promises. And I can say that they too are very much disappointed, but they couldn’t do anything just to accept our complaints. The tech team are the ones doing NOTHING. And I’ve found out why. Almost all PLDT’s technicians have transferred to a new net provider. The problem is, PLDT did not have a contingency plan in case something like like this happens. They were too confident that they are the only net provider here in the Philippines”

Actually, that’s where it gets interesting! As I already said before: in Cavite, Batangas and Laguna was only 1 technician for a long time. The guy was working so many hours and gets paid almost nothing. He is used as a SLAVE by PLDT! I have been talking several times to him and the guy is really nice. He was even telling me that all the problems are caused (indeed as N is saying) by the people of the tech team office!
Now there are 3 technicians working together. They are nice and hard working guys. Do not get angry with them, they can’t help it that PLDT did fire ALL the contractors (!!!) which were working for them.

That’s what N is telling me, but what if you have a look at Twitter for example? One of the messages pop out:

It’s maybe more fun if you read what they reply and then what I reply on that:
PLDT 2019-05-21
As you can see, the PLDT Cares worker, or robot how it seems, has no idea what he/she/it is replying on. Someone has NO DIALTONE for 2 or 3 days, there is already a reference number, but PLDT has done nothing until now to fix this.
Customer service should be there to help people, but instead of helping people they only frustrate the customers more and more. They already think that the customer has got patience. In the 10 years I did work for the biggest companies in the Netherlands we had this saying:
“assumptions are deadly”
And exactly THAT is what is destroying the service of PLDT. All workers on the “customer? we do not care” department are making assumptions ALL THE TIME!

For today I leave it this way, otherwise the story will be toooo long! Soon blog 3 in the series about “FACTS ABOUT PLDT”!


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