#GameOfThrones S07 E02: Stormborn !

Since my previous blog was a bit of a succes .. I decided to write this second one too. A nice recap before you start watching episode 3 ofcourse. If you did not watch episode 2 yet … be aware I am spoiling in this blog AND I can make jokes about things. If you are the serious kind of reader .. skip my blog! LET’S GO !!!

Daenarys, the dragons, Varys and more
This episode starts with the mother of dragons. She doesn’t want to be like her father, she doesn’t want to put all people (and cities) into ashes. But why you have dragons if you can’t use them to win a war to get the throne .. right? The answer will come later!
Varys his loyalty resulted a funny talk between Daenarys and him. She made her point .. he made her point. Melisandre came and someone tried to tell she worked for a different king who wanted the throne .. Daenarys knew to tell they were now not discussing people who did choose to follow the wrong king before. Melisandre tells that she believes a combination between Daenarys and John Snow would be the best. Tyrion told that John Snow is a good man and Daenarys sends him an invitation to come to the castle.

John Snow
Tyrion sends an invitation to John. The people think it’s a trap. But what else can he do? He is curious about this lady. Sansa is trying to get it out of John’s mind. When a letter from Sam arrives he decides to go. Sansa will be the ruler of the North while John is in the South. Before he jumps on his horse, John Snow decides to visit the grave of his family. Little finger tells that he loves Sansa. Always a good idea for an old man to tell the brother of a girl that you love her. So, what happens next is no surprise. John is angry and throws Little finger against the wall. He makes clear that Little Finger is not allowed to touch his sister. Will this be the beginning of a problem between the 2 guys?

Jorah and Sam
Who pops up? Yeah! Suddenly we see Sir Jorah again! With his “elephant skin”, or greyscale as they call it in the serie, as the main topic in this episode. Sam thinks he knows a way to make Jorah his skin heal. How? The thing what happened when he is trying can be seen as very “IIEEWWLL” in your eyes. I was only laughing because I was realising how they did film it. Anyway .. sir Jorah was in much pain while Sam was cutting the skin off. Will it work? We will see next time!

Cersei and some lords
Ofcourse there are also Lannisters and their followers in this episode. Cersei tells the lords that they are working on a way to kill the dragons. Everyone believes that the dragons will put their complete world into ashes. Probably they didn’t watch the meeting between Daenarys and her followers.  Anyway, the way to kill the dragons is some kind of arrow. Will they ever use it? We wll see!
Randyll and Dickon Tarly are also on the meeting as followers of Cersei. They are the father and brother of Sam. Will they stay fighting on the side of Cersei? Or will they listen to their son Sam? Since they never listen to Sam .. they will be at Cersei her side. Some interesting things can be there between them!

Missandei and Grey Worm
How can we forget this part of this episode? The hottest scene I guess? We could all see the body of Missandei and her joy of being satisfied by Grey Worm .. but we didn’t see Grey Worm his complete body. Someone here was not happy with that fact … I didn’t mind cause Missandei looked soooooo beautiful! Anyway. Will they see eachother ever again?

Arya and her Nymeria
Arya hears from an old friend, who still believes she is a boy,  that her brother John Snow did take over Winterfell. She re-think her schedule and decide to go up North instead of South. It looks like the Stark family will be together again.
While moving towards the North, she seems to get attacked by wolves! Will she get killed? Will she be many pieces of Arya? What will happen?
And there it comes .. we suddenly see Nymeria again! You can read more about it at Newshub!

And there was a battle ofcourse!
At sea we saw the real Theon again .. we saw how a mom did loose 3 daughters .. we saw a family fight. Yeah!! The war is now finally beginning! !!!

Trailer of episode 02:

Trailer of the next episode, episode 03:

#GameOfThrones S07 E01: Dragonstone !

Ok, let’s try this. What should I do with Game OF Thrones? Write in Dutch or write in English? To be honest, my girlfriend wants me to write this in English … so here we go!

The first episode, Dragonstone, aired in the Netherlands on Monday by Ziggo. But ofcourse many people did watch it also in different ways. What can we say about this episode? Ofcourse that it was amazing!

On my facebook account, http://www.facebook.com/djanderslundgren, I already wrote what I thought about the episode:
– Give me more “Winter Is Coming”!!!
– I simply love the castle where Daenarys went to! And that throne! I LOVE IT!
– Arya turns out to be the an amazing killer! YOU GO GIRL! Kill some more!
– Sam reads a book and finds a map of the Netherlands!
– Why is episode 02 not available yet!? Aaargh!
– Some light / shadow effects were not that good 😦

Anyway .. what do you want to know more about this amazing episode? I think just a little resume of what happened. Otherwise you will be so bored.

Let’s start!

Arya was dresse up as Walder Frey, including the voice(!), and killed all his sons by a poisoned wine. She let a girl live. But all the guys die. What more can we expect from this amazing new Arya ???

Since it’s “Winter is now REALLY coming” time .. we saw a lot of snow and things which had to do with the white walkers. We also heard many times “winter is coming”. Did anyone count it? I didn’t .. but probably around 100 times I guess.
I love snow. I really do. But some snow was looking fake. But oke, that’s no problem! Some people were a bit frozen by the snow, for example Sansa, that’s why they become a bit bitchy. But what will happen in this season with her?! Who knows!
I guess that John Snow will be a great leader. At least that’s how we saw him in this first episode.

In Kingslanding there is a little problem. Cersei her kids are dead, Daenarys is coming, her brother is only having 1 good hand, Euron makes jokes about that and wants to be the king next to queen Cersei .. and so much more!!!

Sam is working so hard: he even has to clean the shit out of the toilets and so on. But at the end he finds a good book to read before sleeping. To get the book he steals a key from a sleeping old man. Anyway, in the book he finds a map of a region/country (Dragonstone) which looks exactly like the Netherlands. I never knew that “Dragonglass” can be found in my country. But yes it is!! Let’s all go on a quest!
I am really curious what will happen now

Daenarys comes “home” in a castle. When she “lands” she is touching the sand. Did you see the rocks ?? Filled with the poop of the birds .. it looks spooky. What can we expect from this place in the complete 7th season? Will we see the dragons in lots of action? I hope so. My girlfriend is fan of the red dragon .. and I am just fan of all 3 of them. Anyway .. fly dragons .. FLY !!!

There is so much more to come .. I really can’t wait for episode 2 .. episode 3 . episode 4 .. and so on!! PLEASE HURRY!

Trailer of Season 7:


SERIE REVIEW: Trollhunters (#Netflix)

Het heeft lang geduurd, maar nu is er eindelijk weer een nieuwe blog van mij! YEAH! Jullie helemaal blij natuurlijk. Dit is slechts de eerste blog in een rij van serie / film blogs! Ik heb nogal wat gekeken de afgelopen tijd. So .. let’s go!!

Trollhunters is een serie van Netflix. Er zijn al zoooooo onwijs veel Netflix series, dat je door de afleveringen van Narcos, House Of Cards, Daredevil, Luke Cage etcetera de series niet meer ziet.
Toevallig kwam ik deze serie tegen. JA! Het is animatie. En NEE dat is niet kinderachtig. Althans ik vind het niet kinderachtig. Lees maar snel verder!!!

Waar gaat Trollhunters over?
De hele serie draait om Jim Lake JR. Als hij bijna te laat op school dreigt te komen, vindt hij een amulet. De amulet maakt van hem de “Trollhunter”. Samen met zijn maatje Toby komt hij in de wereld van de Trollen terecht. Dit gaat niet altijd even makkelijk.
De serie heet niet voor niets “Trollhunters”. Uiteindelijk vormen meerdere personages de Trollhunters.
Natuurlijk gebeuren er dingen die je niet direct verwacht. Sommige relaties blijken anders te zijn dan je denkt.

Meer kan ik niet verklappen zonder veel te gaan spoilen

Wat vind ik er van?
Het voordeel van deze serie is dat de afleveringen ongeveer 20 minuten duren. Wil je snel wat voor het slapen gaan kijken? Of tijdens de lunch / avondeten of whateer .. dan kijkt dit lekker snel weg.
Vind je animatie kinderachtig? Misschien is de serie dan niks voor jou. Maar als grote fan van de animatie films en series van Dreamworks moet ik toegeven dat ik deze serie gewoon fantastisch vind. Ik kan niet wachten op het tweede seizoen!

Waar kennen we de stemmen van?
Steve: door Steven Yeun, “Glenn” van the Walking Dead, Okja (blog volgt!), en meer
Bular: Ron Perlman, o.a. Sons Of Anarchy, Bad Ass, Hellboy en veel meer
Jim Lake JR: door Anton Yelchin, o.a. Star Trek, De Smurfen en meer
Toby: Charlie Saxton, o.a. Betas, Hung, I am Ben and more
Blinky: door Kelsey Grammer, bekend van Storks, Hank, Modern Family en veel meer

Bekijk nu op Netflix:  https://www.netflix.com/title/80075820

YouTube Trailer: