#Eurovision 2017, 2nd Semi-Final ! #ESC2017

So .. what will happen tonight? Will the Netherlands make it to the finals again? Will we be surprised by many acts? Do we have to close our ears many times?
Oh my gosh! It’s time for the 2nd Semi-Final of the 2017 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest!!!

I also made a “should I stay or should I pee” card .. like Tuesday ! Ofcourse you can use this to take a break of all the songs, but it’s up to you to decide which songs are the best in your ears. Most of the time the jury and the voters have no good ears .. and they vote for songs which will never be aired on radio channels .. so .. who knows!

Plaskaart 02

And I know you all love to play BINGO like Tuesday .. so here we go with the 2nd Semi-Final BINGO!:
Eurovision 2017 ENG 2

Don’t forget about Totally ESC 2017:


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