KEiiNO – Praying (new hit by the #Eurovision super stars from Norway)

While watching the Eurovision Song Contest this year, there was no doubt: KEiiNO was simply the best. Ok ok, the Netherlands with Duncan was amazing too, but the best song was ofcourse Spirit In The Sky. The people loved KEiiNO more, but sadly KEiiNO did get almost no points from the jury.

Why is KEiiNO different than other acts? Ofcourse the vocals of singer Fred Buljo. The Sami languaged and something called joik or yoik. The sounds of KEiiNO so far reminds me for 100% of Alan Walker. Maybe because Alexandra Rotan is or has been working with Alan. Who knows. But it’s a match. With Praying I also hear some KYGO sounds. Surprise? No, because also Kygo is from Norway. I find Tom Hugo his vocals very good and I love to hear him in combination with Alexandra Rotan.

What about KEiiNO their new song Praying?
Where Spirit In The Sky was a huge hit at the Eurovision, it did not hit the charts that well as I thought it would. Praying will hit the charts for sure, if it gets the right promotion. The summer vibes are there. Only the beginning is a bit weak, I would cut off that part (sorry Fred!).

What do you think? Reply in a comment! Listen to the track on YouTube and sing a long:


PLDT blog part 6: REAL customer experiences in TWEETS about #PLDT (the #1 drama company of the #Philippines!)

A brand new blog about PLDT. Sorry that it took me so long. I have been ill and was not in the mood to write about this company which only makes me angry when I think about them! So sorry for that! I finally found a way how to add tweets in a blog, since “embed tweet” was never working. This time some tweets in the blog with my comments!

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Many people are annoyed with the ALWAYS copy paste replies of PLDT, here a good tweet about that:

How frustrating can a company be? Right, when your social media department works like brainless zombies, you will get more and more angry customers. Something which is very easy with PLDT, (see tweet above). But if you also do not what you promise, people get more and more angry:

PLDT makes living in the Philippines like a drama. Alexis knows that too. Small mistakes by PLDT will take days or weeks or even months to be fixed:

Mart Lyn kept on calling to PLDT, but yeah, AS ALWAYS … the company is doing nothing.

I did find out that the Twitter account @PLDT is sometimes sharing a customer tweet. It happens almost never, but when they do it, it’s only positive. SURPRISE! Thats why I did dare them to share the REAL customer experiences too. Let’s see.

I wake up and see that #SixWordHorror is trending on Twitter. The best Six Word Horror I can come up with: I DO HAVE INTERNET FROM PLDT 🙂

Ok, one more from me 🙂 I am trying to upload something. REMEMBER: I pay 3000PHP for 50MBPS, 137.6MB takes more than one hour because PLDT is so terrible slow. Yup!

Oh yeah! BuffaloCharge knows what I am thinking. But I hope I get my +5 million pesos first. After that I hope they will be closed down indeed.

Ryesah knows what I feel. I would say: lets make the invoice 1 PHP only. Thats the maximum PLDT is worth.

Ralph knows what’s best. PLDT replies like a brainless zombie with asking to write a DM because of private information. Woeahahahaha! Ralph did the best thing he could ever do: SAY GOODBYE TO PLDT!

But yeah, after you say Goodbye to PLDT, then what? There is not a real other one. You always need for sure 2 or 3 internet connections right? UNI is right. But even then.

R Carvajal comes up with the solution. There needs to be a new internet provider. A provider which thinks from the view of the client and not from the view of the CEO.

And I keep on going if I look at
So many people are angry with this company. When will it stop? Where will it stop? We need to work together to make it stop!!!

Through Twitter you always have to tag the following Twitter accounts:
@PLDT_Cares @pldt @PLDTHome @monisberto @iamMVP

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See you soon with blog 7!!!



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PLDT blog part 5: Real stories AND facts about how #PLDT (the #1 drama company of the #Philippines!) is acting towards customers

After releasing blog 4, I did find out that PLDT Home Facebook page did block me from replying on their messages and also not on public messages on their Facebook page! That’s interesting! I did not harrash them or did do anything wrong. I am only showing them that the messages they are sending are terrible wrong and bad. Beside that I am collecting information from people who DO complain over there. It makes me wonder: IS PLDT NOT WILLING THAT I DO PUBLISH ALL THESE FACTS ABOUT THEIR WRONG DOING TOWARDS ITS CUSTOMERS?

That’s why I made a FACEBOOK PAGE called: PLDT Problems:
Here you can drop all your problems with PLDT and if it is interesting enough, I will ad it into my next blog!

While scrolling through the PLDT Enterprise Facebook like page and PLDTpublicaffairs, I did find this interesting message from Yanyan:
Good day PLDT Home,
today we recieved yet again another billing statement from you.
and yet since mid-March 2019 we don’t have internet and dialtone.
how in world you people have a basis on how much is our bill?
we have follow up countless times to you, through facebook, twitter, over the phone and my Dad even went to your office near Welcome Rotonda and yet we ONLY got a response “we’ll follow up” that’s it. and you expect us to be okay with that??? you given us too much inconvenience and still no action or improvement to our concern. and you’re going to charge us 2months with our basis????
how could you! we’ve been patiently waiting for you PLDT Home to do something. we’re almost in our 3rd month with out dialtone and internet.
grabe kayo.

Again another proof that PLDT has no idea what it´s doing. Dear Yanyan is desperate. Almost 3 months she is suffering from having NO internet and NO dialtone. Her father filed a complaint at an office and they did try in MANY ways to file the complaint through social media and even 171. Even though, PLDT is sending invoices.
This is ILLEGAL and should not be done. It is a miracle that the government of the Philippines is NOT doing anything about this!

Another interesting one on the same page, this time from Noel Tio:
I’ve been calling PLDT for the past 4 days!! My 20mbps DSL has been in and out, minimum I would call 2x per day, I don’t have internet again you’ve never refunded a single penny to me and I don’t expect you to, since your service is as Bulok as your customer service!!!! Fix my God damn internet!!!

The most interesting story of the week was by @PAWSPhilippines. They do prevent animal cruelty through education and have almost 20k followers on Twitter. Look at what they did tweet:

In the tweets below the one of @PAWSPhilippines, I did find @janville888 with the latest PLDT experience. The line pldt installed got loose and was dangling besides our fence and our neighbors…reported it not once, but 4 times…first, i was told to report it sa bantay kable, then bantay kable, for whatever reason, told us sa 171 daw…thats what they do..false promises..always..
So I asked about the complete story, here we go:
Right now my wife’s watching youtube and i am browsing facebook without pictures… nice eh?😡

Took me more than a dozen times to get thru 171, that 171 will make u wait long to the point of absurdity.. out of that dozen, i got to talk to a real person 4 times…reported my case, told me to report it to another entity, they call it bantay kable..
But surely enough, after days of not paying the bill after the due date, theyll have someone call and tell us we need to pay asap or else cut ang line..

Now, our landline has too little or no volume at all, u sometimes cant decipher what the person on the other line is talking about… internet? if my wife is watching youtube or a movie sa netflix, wala na..buffering na lang..
then that bantay kable told me to call 171 again because there was no internet and landline connection at all.. good thing i saw a lineman putting up a new line sa neighbor ko, only then was my problem fixed..but still, erratic ang connection..
I had to stay where the lineman was parked to be sure he wont go away.. but in fairness, the lineman was kind and helped us fix it.. no point venting my ire to the poor lineman because of PLDTs disservice to their customers..

As you can see, another terrible experience from a PLDT customer.
How is it possiblet hat this company can keep on going? There is no structure in the 171 callcenter, they all seem to be brainless zombies without any idea of what they are doing. Problems are not being solved or it will take a huge amount of time.

WHY IS NO ONE STOPPING THIS COMPANY? This corrupted company needs to learn that you can not act like this towards your customers.

You are having huge problems with them too? File a complaint for EVERY small medium or big problem, through their Facebook messenger:  ,  Twitter:  and NTC:

Tell them you expect the problem to be solved within a specific amount of time. For a linecheck they should do it within 24 hours, for a repair they should do it within 3 days (72 hours) after you file the complaint.
Make clear that if they will exceed the stated amount of time, you claim 1,000 PHP up to 5,000 PHP per day (depends on the reason why you use the internet/landline + the amount of time this problem is already running).
Through Twitter you always have to tag the following Twitter accounts:
@PLDT_Cares @pldt @PLDTHome @monisberto @iamMVP

Ok, so far for now. Otherwise the blog will become way tooooo big! SOON MORE!!

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Real stories AND facts about how #PLDT (the #1 drama company of the #Philippines!) is acting towards customers (part 4)

Before I start writing about PDLT, don’t forget: for every problem with #PLDT, file a complaint through their Facebook messenger:  ,  Twitter:  and NTC:
With filing these complaints you have proof you did mention the issues. It’s no issue if they do not reply at all, that’s their problem. But if you did file complaints about the issue to all these channels; you have done your duty and they can not say you did not mention it, since you have proof!

Ok, great news about my internet which is also very interesting for you! My internet from PLDT is 50MBPS on Fibr connection, this means I should pay 2900 PHP per month. When you load a video on YouTube it keeps on buffering. If you have a question to PLDT it take weeks or months before they reply (if they reply). A week ago the guy from CONVERGE came with the papers to sign up for a 10mbps connection, which costs 1250 PHP per month! The next day he came back to get the papers and requested documents AND we had to pay 1250 + 1000 PHP for the installation. He promised that the technicians would come within 1 – 4 days
Thinking that it will take WEEKS like with PLDT, I was so surprised the technicians show up the next MORNING!!!!! Less than 24 hours we did pay and gave the papers. They did install everything very nice, smooth AND QUICK! WOW! Now we have CONVERGE next to our PLDT, what a difference it is and what a great idea!
Converge, 10MBPS Cable internet: 1250 PHP
> YouTube video direct starts playing, no interruptions!
PLDT, 50MBPS, Fibr internet, 2900 PHP
> YouTube video keeps on buffering, takes +/- 1 minute before it starts, many interruptions!


Today I did talk with Milli, she tells me a terrible story about how PLDT did send her information to a debt collector. I have my doubts if this debt collector is real, but let’s read the story of Milli first:
Have been a PLDT subscriber for a very long time. Even inherited an account from my parents.
“As you can see, Milli has always been a loyal customer, even giving her parents PLDT. With all what will follow now, she would NEVER have done that!
But really got fed up with their DSL service because for the last 5 yrs it was either poor or no connection and I run my business from home so it really affected my income.”
Yup, we heard that before! PLDT is destroying home based busines all the time!

Last August (2018), when I learned that Converge was already available in our area, I hurriedly went to PLDT’s office in Makati and had my account terminated. Waited for 4 hrs but what the hell, it was nothing compared to the hell I’ve been through as their subscriber.
Despite that, every month I would get a red enveloped bill, harassing phone calls and messages from their collection agency. I wrote to PLDT: email, PMs, DMs, tweets but they would just ask me about my account details and never acted on my request to confirm that my acct had been terminated. Frustrating because I had my acct terminated at the head office so why did I still need to confirm?!

The reason why Milli did got my attention, was due to her tweet with a TEXT from the debt collector, here you see her tweet:

(1) “Since you are NOT INTERESTED to settle your PLDT account”
Euhm, this debt collector seems to THINK that Milli is not interested. That’s wrong!
Milli has been very interested, but there is no reason to pay since she LEGALLY did cancel her contract with PLDT!
(2) “cost a higher amount for the extinguishment of the CONTRACT”.
It is funny that this debt collector is ‘shouting’ specific terms. Really interesting.
Since there is NO contract at all, since Milli did cancel it legally in a PLDT office, there is no contract
(3) “We are giving you TODAY until TOMORROW to settle your PLDT OBLIGATION”
Whut? “TODAY UNTIL TOMORROW“? That’s not even LEGAL language, thats just saying something.  This debt collector did not learn that he or she needs to say a specific date and time. What if I read this text message 7 days from now, it’s still “TODAY UNTIL TOMORROW”.  Beside that, they have no proof that you will actually receive or read the message!

Ms Jennalyn, who calls herself a “Legal Assistant” for M.L. SOBREDILLA LAW OFFICE seems to be a student or has no idea how things work. Beside that, I did a google check on the name of this “law office”, but yeah there are some results BUT:
– there is no official website
– there is no Facebook page
– there is no social media account
So HOW ON EARTH would you ever trust a text message like this?

It is clear that this is for 99% a scam e-mail from someone who is trying to earn money.
It is also possible that this company did BUY unpaid bills from PLDT to earn money, it seems that way when you read the message.
In any way you have not heard of that before: it’s very populair in European countries to buy outstanding balances from companies. Threaten the people with the fact that they need to pay “or otherwise …”.
And how easy is it to make a phone number and say you are a “Legal Assistant”.

Yup, it’s pretty clear that PLDT made huge mistakes in the case of Milli! But, stubborn as PLDT is, and as brainless zombies everywhere in the PLDT (and SMART) company: THEY DO NOTHING FOR MILLI!!!!!

So, what is what I think about this case?
Remember what I said in BLOG 2 about PLDT and working with their so called offices? ( )
I am afraid that Milli has been framed by the office where she went to. The people at the PLDT offices doing nothing.
Beside that, how is it possible that if you are a customer OVER 5 YEARS that your contract can not be cancelled right away? If that is the fact in this case: WHY NO ONE TOLD MILI? Regarding her customer rights: There is no reason that the contract would be active and there is no reason why Mili has to pay any PESO at all towards PLDT or the Debt Collector.

So far the information about MILI and what happened to her!
Are you in a situation like this? DO NOT pay the debt collector and DO NOT pay PLDT at all! It seems that the CEO of PLDT only thinks about making money and his fake internet speeds. But customers? No, PLDT does not care about customers! ONLY ABOUT MONEY!
Write me a direct message on Facebook or Twitter ( @totallyanders ) and I would love to use your story in my next blog!

Oh, to make your morning/day/night/weekend more amazing, here some screenshots of idiot replies from the PLDT_cares answering machine. Below this collage I will discuss them with a sense of humor!

Ok, lets start with 1:
Here you can see how the answering machine of PLDT is actually working. I think they have no idea at all that this is what they are doing. Very interesting is the phrase:
“That is not what we want to hear from you”
So, tell me PLDT! Why you don’t want to hear from me that I am unhappy with you? Why you don’t want to hear that I am angry? Is that because I am totally in my right to file complaints and you have really no freaking idea how to solve it? I guess so. Because WHY would you not want to hear that from me right? What an IDIOTIC way of talking to a customer. Like “HEY YOU IDIOT! THATS NOT WHAT I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! BECAUSE I AM THE ALLMIGHTY PLDT AND WHAT YOU ARE SAYING IS BAD! YOU S*CKERS!”. That’s the feeling this zombie is creating.

“This is not the service that we want you to have”
One of the most EMPTY things you can say to a customer who gets a terrible service from you as a company. Yeah WHO CARES that is NOT the service that you want me to have, you are giving it to me so FIX IT you dumb ass!
After that they say sorry, but they are doing nothing and they say it “will be taken care of at the soones possible time” While they are saying before that “immediate action”
We all know that this means it will take over 4 weeks, while a solution is 9 out of 10 super simple. But yeah, we are dealing with probably the most stupid country in the world right?

“We don’t want to see our customers frustrated with their service.”
OH REALLY? So why are you frustrating 99% of your customers? My goodness. How bad can you reply. “Let’s have a conversation regarding your concern via PM”.
We all know that if you have a frustrated customer, you should not let them go to the PM.
And exactly THAT is the reason why PLDT is not replying to PMs within weeks.

“Making sure you’ve got the connection speed you deserve is our goal”
Yup, seen that one many times too. They are actually saying that they HATE YOU as a customer. That’s why they are giving you a shitty speed!

Number 2:
“We definitely aim to fix your concern. Sorry for such kind of experience”

Euhm, REALLY? PLDT is aiming to fix something, but aiming is not actually doing anything. Forwarding a message to a technician results in 9 out of 10 into waiting a minimum of 4 (!!) weeks before someone comes (if someone comes). They also say that it’s just an “experience” and they are not saying they did do anything wrong. PLDT keeps on making the idea that you as a customer does everything wrong!

“immediate assistance” is, as we know, a very stupid phrase which PLDT is using in many messages but is meaningless.
“We’ll not stop until we get the job done” is also very empty and means nothing. Because YOU as a customer know that PLDT is doing nothing, so yeah “we’ll not stop” means they already stopped at the moment you did end the 171 conversation.
“get the job done” is also very that you say strange, 9 out of 10 it takes a minimum of 4 weeks before anything happens. So, are they being busy all that time with you for all these weeks?  I mean, that’s a huge waste of money.

Colipano asks a question, but they reply on the other person in the conversation.

Number 3:
Check how Lanze Manao is asking his question?
In both replies PLDT talks about the “support group”. But they don’t come up with anything. Because what is exactly Lanze his question? “check my internet connection please”. So, how hard can it be to CHECK the connection of Lanze? Nope, PLDT Home is sending the message to a different department.
But they did forward “the concern” (I think its a PROBLEM, not a concern) to the support group AND after that they say “we are doing our best to process your concern at the soonest possible time”. Uhm, that last part sounds like a bullshit story.
In the second message they say they let the support group “gear up the process of repair”. Also a terrible empty message, but oke … there you have the feeling something may be done maybe.  But why they do not “gear up the process of repair” themself? That would be service. Probably this is again a message which is a “empty promise” and nothing will be done

Number 4:
Do you see the message from Noel? I am already sending several message through Twitter for Noel. Upon today the problem is not solved and they are doing nothing at all to fix the problems.
Noel is saying “Never support PLDT Home, they are a nuisance service provider and an incompetent product supplier”.
As you can see, Noel knows exactly what PLDT is. The right words about this terrible company. There PLDT replies:
“We know the importance of having reliable services”.
OH REALLY? Thats why so many people suffer from terrible internet and thats why the answers of the PLDT Home and the PLDT_Cares accounts are so bad?
“this concern will be on top of our priority”. WOW! So Noel will be TOP priority … what about all the others? After that you see “We do not want you to feel that way”. No ofcourse not, you dont want complaining people! Ofcourse they send him a useless message …. as always!

For now I leave the story of NOEL like this, because you will find it all in a brand new blog on Sunday!

This blog is way toooo long now. Let’s end this one for now and a brand new blog will follow soon! Find the previous blogs below:
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#PLDT, the #1 drama company! Real stories AND facts about how PLDT is acting towards customers (part 3)

Already the third blog in my blog series about PLDT. And for sure not the last. As long as PLDT is not making publicly known that they make huge mistakes against their customers, I will keep on publishing the real stories from PLDT customers. All the blogs are FACTS, nothing has been made up. It is no “i feel this way” or “this is what I think that happened”. NO! It’s all REALLY what PLDT is doing to customers who are PAYING lots of pesos for their connection, but PLDT is just acting towards them like they are not more than the dirt or sand on the ground. They just simple DO NOT CARE. As long as the CEO gets his money, they will not stop with their terror towards the customers.

I already said it before, but PLDT is acting like a dictator. In my eyes it should not be possible to have a monopoly position like PLDT is having in may towns in the Philippines. Because there is almost no other internet provider, PLDT can keep on doing what they want. This needs to STOP! The only way to make them stop is when we all file complaints about PLDT at the ombudsman, DTI and the government. Complaining at PLDT is not working, because they have NO IDEA how to handle complaints.
From the DTI I received a message with a link where EVERYONE should file complaints, please do it! This is the link:

While I was busy with the Eurovision Song Contest, I had some interesting chats with Nadine through DM of Twitter. Where “PLDT” always claims to answer “immediate”, I actually did react “immediate” on Nadine. Her story is very interesting! Here we go!
For over 6 months Nadine is waiting for a FIBR connection of PLDT. She keeps on requesting it through Twitter, Facebook and even an office. As you know by now, the offices in the street are most of the time not even working with the customer care.
PLDT was telling Nadine to pay money because the contract could not be closed. She knows now that she can just stop paying and move on to a different provider. But she keeps on paying for several months for a bad connection. After many messages PLDT is AGAIN asking for the account details, which she already gave many times. Even they are already aware of the situation for 6 months or longer, PLDT answers:
“Apologies for the inconvenience. We’re currently working on your case. Feedback will be proviced the soonest possible time. We appreciate your cooperation and patience. Thanks!”
We can all see that this is a copy paste message without any empathy towards the client, in this case Nadine.
Nadine also tells me: Considering that we’ve been patronizing for more than 2 decades, a little concern makes all the difference. I understand there’s always room for improvement but PLDT doesnt seem to care at all. Our concerns as consumers dont seem important to them.
Nadine is paying + 2000 PHP for 5MBPS internet speed, which she does not get most of the time. The speed is always gone when it starts to drizzle. Ofcourse PLDT is not helping her (as always).

Until today, Nadine is still receiving terrible replies from PLDT (copy paste) and they are not helping her any further. She is saying in beautiful words: They dont miss the date sending our bills but PLDT does miss giving us the service we pay for.

This week I did had a interesting chat with SV. Here his story about his Home Fibr connection of PLDT!

Let me tell you man, worst experience ever!! April 24, 2019 PLDT did install our land line + internet (home fibr 2899) which gives you 50MPBS. I have no problem with the speed of the internet, the tech who installed it and another tech who checked the installation were awesome! April 24-29 we were able to use the service with no any issues. April 29,2019 4PM is when it all started. No internet and also no dial tone.
I try rebooting the modem since that’s the first thing I do every time this issue happens to me with GLOBE and that fixes the issue right away (the reason why I know this is because I used to work for TMobile UK). It’s basic troubleshooting right and I don’t want to call CS, they will advise the same thing.

So I tried rebooting the modem several times and still getting the blinking red light in my LOS. Around 7PM (Apr 29) I did call the customer service and tell them about the issue. Now since its my first time calling and reporting about it, the agent opened a “ticket” and advised that they already forwarded it to the department that handles these kind of concerns. You see, since I worked in a BPO, I know that the person i was talking to was actually doing the correct process. So before the call ended, the agent gave me the fault ticket number (which is always included in all my tweets). With globe, when I report an issue, agent will give you the ticket number AND your schedule (for tech visit). So anyway,

I was under the impression that the same thing will happen like a tech will call me saying that they will be checking the modem and lines the next day. NO ONE CALLED ME AND NO ONE SHOWED UP. Take note, I am still studying. I gave it another day and still none. Good thing I saved the phone number of the tech checker and asked him if he’s the one who will check my lines, he said “no” unfortunately and asked him instead of what happened. He actually explained to me that there was a fire on the 29th in Bacoor and that the “box” was damaged due to the accident. So I said ok and asked him if he can update me.

May 1, I called 171 again and the agent was super annoying but I still kept my cool, I thought it was just one of those “fishbowling agents” (they are those agents who just graduated from training and are required to take actual calls for 2 hours with trainers with them). Being the person that I am, I explained again to him what happened and the line got disconnected.
>>>Anders Lundgren; this actually happens to many customers who call. When the agent has no idea what to do they disconnect the call. That’s 1 of the worst things you can do as a customer care agent!<<<

May 2, i received a text message from the same tech and advised me that everything was back to normal and that I should call 171 and tell them about it. So I did what he said and this time I requested for a tech visit. By the way, with PLDT, if you have an open ticket and call them, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SPEAK WITH AN AGENT ANYMORE! Lol. Since I know the run around (thank god!) I am able to call them every single day.
Just change the last digit of your phone number haha.

May 6:
3 days passed and still no tech, no internet and a little bit of patience. I called again and when someone answers the call, my opening spiel will be “this is a follow up request for a technician to check our line/box” and the agent will just go in circles that I just have to cut them off to lessen the hassle or tell them to check the memo on my account so that they dont have to repeat everything. Again, no tech the next day.

So I decided to go to the business center in Imus, Cavite before I go to school. It was 8:30am so I guess the rep I talked to was still in a good mood. She was helpful and I requested for a tech visit and a tech came the same day which pisses me off like, how come she was able to do that and the agents I spoke to a couple of days were not. Tech advised that the line from the modem and inside the house was good and that the problem is with the poste where we are connected. Imagine calling them every. single. day with the same expectation (stupid customer service rep and no resolution)

22nd day today and still no service that I will be PAYING IN FULL btw. These social media representatives are the worst! They don’t even check the whole tweet! When I started tweeting about this I know that it will be the end of me being patient. I know nothing will happen because they have quotas if you’re in a “back office work”.

When I came across your blog I was sooooo happy, they’re a bit scared with users with thousands of followers because they know that a tweet or post will reach a lot of people. I just went to their office here in Imus and made a follow up. Then on my way home, i saw a pldt technician and asked him about the request order, he said no request order was forwarded to them.

>> Until so far for this blog <<<
I received so many complaints and interesting stories, that I will come up this week with part 4 and 5 for sure! Don’t forget to file your complaint at  and if you need any help fighting against the terror which is called PLDT, let me know through Twitter and Facebook: @totallyanders ! I will give you tips about how to talk to the agents on the phone and I will help you file the right complaint.

Don’t forget Blog 2:
Don’t forget Blog 1:


Real customer stories and facts about #PLDT! The biggest drama of the #Philippines!

As promised I would publish more blogs about PLDT and how this company is reacting towards it’s clients. This time a little sneak peak inside offices of PLDT. Or, are they actually REALLY PLDT offices? Ok, surprise: NO! Most of the offices are NOT working with the PLDT customer care center.

In December my wife went to an office of PLDT to request transfer from location. Since I was annoying the customer care worker with shouting out loud that waiting with 5 people for 2 hours was insane (which did finally bring a laugh at the faces of all the super annoyed people who were waiting).
The woman, who was working super slow, as slow as the speed of PLDT internet when you pay 3000PHP per month (paying for 50MBPS but receiving maximum like 5 MBPS), was up to no speed all the time. She looked bored and was really doing almost nothing. If only my wife would have let me to be the annoying foreigner, MY GOODNESS! That woman would have been fired that day for sure!
Anyway, transfer of location could be done with rush within a few days. OK! Amazing. Ofcourse nothing happened, as always when someone from PLDT makes a promise. the P in PLDT stands for “Promise breakers” by the way! After 3 days I did decide to call the customer I do not care line 171! Ok, now it’s getting interesting!
Customer Care: No sir, we do not work with that office.
Me: So why do we go to a PLDT office, with PLDT logo on the building, where everyone goes with PLDT related questions. How can you say they don’t work with you?
Customer Care: ofcourse no idea why, like always, bad trained worker
Me: So, transfer of location requested, do it asap I NEED IT BECAUSE I AM FREELANCER AND I WORK ONLINE!. Fyi: my rate is 20 EURO (in PHP +/- 1200PHP) per hour!
Customer Care: transfer of location takes 4 till 8 weeks.
Me (patience totally gone):  NO! NOW! YOUR WORKER AT THE OFFICE PROMISED IT! FIX IT!
Customer Care: No sir, we can not do it, technicians blablabla.
Customer Care worker probably start to be scared and no idea how to react anymore.
Me: Every PESO I do loose because of you, will be collected from you and I do not wish to pay the bill of this and next month because of what you are doing
Customer Care: It will take 2 months before the rebate will be active
Me: I don’t care, its about these months, not about over 2 months!

Interesting fact about TRANSFER TO A NEW LOCATION! 
Customer Care: Oh sir, if you transfer from location you get a new contract for 48 months.
Me: Oh no, that’s not going to happen. You transfer my line but I do not agree on a new contract.
Customer Care: sir that’s how it works
Me: That’s illegal, I do not ask for a new contract, I only ask you to put a new line on my new location, that’s it. There is no reason for a new contract.
Customer Care: I can not change that sir, it’s how it works
Me: I DO NOT AGREE! ** hehe I have already a million reasons why this contract is not even legit anymore due to all the failurs of PLDT **

All of the above is just short version, because I have much more from other clients to tell you! HERE WE GO!

One of the stories I did receive through Facebook confirms my story above. I call the person from Facebook “N”.
His experience with PLDT was and is truly terrible. Already for 3 months there is no decent connection. For like 99% of the customers of PLDT it ain’t surprise. But for the people in the office it seems to be a huge surprise when N goes there!
“I also went to their office personally and complained numerous times and even asked to speak speak with their superior.”
That’s pretty logical, if you have a huge complaint you want to speak with a supervisor, because the customer worker only keeps on saying “yes I will do that” or “yes sir” or “you have to pay first sir”. But in this case it’s getting pretty interesting to be honest:
N: “They always say that the supervisor and manager is on leave. For how long? Every time I visit their office, their superior is always on leave…”
This shows once again that the offices of PLDT are not really working with PLDT, they are acting like they are powerful, but in reality they have nothing to say. There should ALWAYS be a supervisor in any kind of store. If not, that’s a huge stupidity. But ok, we are talking here about PLDT right? Nothing new if we are talking about strange / stupid things.

N does continue: In fairness to their front liners, they are doing their job. And that is to give the customers some kind of hope and gives promises. And I can say that they too are very much disappointed, but they couldn’t do anything just to accept our complaints. The tech team are the ones doing NOTHING. And I’ve found out why. Almost all PLDT’s technicians have transferred to a new net provider. The problem is, PLDT did not have a contingency plan in case something like like this happens. They were too confident that they are the only net provider here in the Philippines”

Actually, that’s where it gets interesting! As I already said before: in Cavite, Batangas and Laguna was only 1 technician for a long time. The guy was working so many hours and gets paid almost nothing. He is used as a SLAVE by PLDT! I have been talking several times to him and the guy is really nice. He was even telling me that all the problems are caused (indeed as N is saying) by the people of the tech team office!
Now there are 3 technicians working together. They are nice and hard working guys. Do not get angry with them, they can’t help it that PLDT did fire ALL the contractors (!!!) which were working for them.

That’s what N is telling me, but what if you have a look at Twitter for example? One of the messages pop out:

It’s maybe more fun if you read what they reply and then what I reply on that:
PLDT 2019-05-21
As you can see, the PLDT Cares worker, or robot how it seems, has no idea what he/she/it is replying on. Someone has NO DIALTONE for 2 or 3 days, there is already a reference number, but PLDT has done nothing until now to fix this.
Customer service should be there to help people, but instead of helping people they only frustrate the customers more and more. They already think that the customer has got patience. In the 10 years I did work for the biggest companies in the Netherlands we had this saying:
“assumptions are deadly”
And exactly THAT is what is destroying the service of PLDT. All workers on the “customer? we do not care” department are making assumptions ALL THE TIME!

For today I leave it this way, otherwise the story will be toooo long! Soon blog 3 in the series about “FACTS ABOUT PLDT”!


#Songfestival 2019: DE FINALE! #TeamDuncan #ESF19 #ESF2019 #eurovisiesongfestival #eurovision #daretodream #ESC2019 #ESC19

Vanavond is het tijd voor DE finale waar heel Nederland op zit/staat/ligt te wachten! Tijd voor de finale van het Eurovisiesongfestival. Voor het eerst sinds jaren staat geheel Nederland achter de inzending. Waar we in de voorgaande jaren vreselijke BN’ers naar het songfestival stuurden (Ilse en Waylon niet meegerekend), slaan we dit jaar de spijker op zijn kop door een ONBEKENDE artiest te sturen. Duncan gaat als een trein en weet de mensen in 3 minuten om zijn vinger te winden. Nou ja, eigenlijk meer om zijn piano en de bol met licht!

Ik heb de voorgaande blogs in het Engels gedaan, maar omdat deze finale voor Nederland belangrijk is, vind ik het leuk om het nu ook in het Nederlands te doen! Ook kan ik in het Nederlands HARDER zijn in mijn oordeel. Leuk toch?

01. Malta: Michela Pace – Chameleon
De studio versie behoort tot mijn favorieten van dit jaar. Mijn vrouw vindt het refrein bagger, maar ik vind het super lekker. Live on stage is Michele niet helemaal zuiver, maar hey what else is new tijdens het songfestival! Ik ga er wel vanuit dat ze in de top 10 terecht komt!

02. Albanië: Jonida Maliqi – Ktheju Tokës
Via Facebook kreeg ik een hele lieve “FUCK YOU” van een Albanees. Ja sorry, maar als iets slecht klinkt dan mag je dat zeggen. Op mijn “should I stay or should I pee” kaart staat dit nummer dan ook afgebeeld met een WC om even lekker te kunnen kakken! Het nummer is wel typisch songfestival, maar niet echt van een denderende kwaliteit!

03. Tsjechië: Lake Malawi – Friend of A Friend
Can you hear it? NEE! HOU JE MOND! Nou ja zo gaat het ongeveer als ik dit liedje zit te luisteren. Ik kreeg ook nog een telefoontje uit de jaren 80 dat ze de kleding terug willen. Wel een leuk liedje en ik denk ook dat het wel wat kan doen vanavond!

04. Duitsland: S!sters – Sister
Zullen we een mailtje naar Berlijn sturen? Ik bedoel, wij hebben de ervaring dat zussen niet echt samen op het podium moeten staan. Deze twee sisters zijn wel fijn om naar te kijken, maar doe de TV maar op mute! Zingen kunnen ze niet. Ook niet nodig, het enige waar ik naar kijk zijn de twee dames … zucht! Eindigen onderaan!

05. Rusland: Sergey Lazarev – Scream
Dit jaar doet Sergey weer mee! Vorige keer was hij gewoon de terechte winnaar, maar toen was het een politiek spelletje waardoor een ander land met een bagger nummer won. Dit jaar zal Rusland niet winnen dankzij Duncan en anderen. Toch vindt mijn moeder dit nummer helemaal fantastisch! Top 10? Denk het wel!

06. Denemarken: Leonora – Love is forever
Zingen in het Engels, dan ook nog eens in het Frans, Duits en Deens! Nou als dat niet de garantie is voor een top 10 positie, dan weet ik het ook niet meer! In ieder geval bij de bovenste helft. Mijn vrouw blijft maar zeggen dat Leonora schattig is en we bewegen heen en weer op de melodie, net als on stage!

07. San Marino: Serhat – Say Na Na Na
Voor velen toch een soort van cult held. Het klinkt natuurlijk totaal niet goed, maar het is wel een liedje wat in je hoofd blijft zitten. En als hij mensen gaat bellen en dan gaat zeggen NA NA NA, ja … dan heb je wel 12 punten verdiend van mij!

08. Noord-Macdonië: Tamara Todevska – Proud
Ik was alweer vergeten wie dit was, zo weinig indruk maakt Tamara dus op mij. Maar het is dus de Sarah Brightman cover. Ze zingt goed, live ook! Maar ja, wordt het wat? Ik weet het niet. Kan best in de bovenste 15 eindigen maar ook wel eens bij de onderste 11.

09. Zweden: John Lundvik – Too Late For Love
Met Zweedse voorouders ben ik 9 van de 10 keer voor Zweden. Dit jaar ben ik niet zo voor Zweden, het nummer ben ik steeds meer gaan waarderen en ik begrijp waarom veel mensen het zien als een ware tegenstander van Duncan, maar ik vind het niet fantastisch. Noorwegen is 100000x beter! Trouwens, Dr Alban belde net, hij wilde zijn Sing Hallelujah dames terug!

10. Slovenië: Zala Kralj and Gašper Šantl – Sebi
Een perfect nummer, prachtige melodie, goede performance … maar geen winnaar. Het nummer zou met een Engelstalige tekst zo op een chillout/lounge CD kunnen staan. Terwijl ik het prachtig vind, blijft mijn vrouw na anderhalve minuut vragen of ik het asjeblieft af kan zetten omdat het te eentonig is.

11. Cyprus: Tamta – Replay
Vorig jaar had Cyprus moeten winnen en in 2016 met Minus One ook. Dit jaar sturen ze wederom een top nummer, maar geen nummer 1 positie. Ik vind de zangeres dit jaar minder sexy dan die van vorig jaar, maar haar stem is wel top. Een echte zomerhit is het!

12. Nederland: Duncan Laurence – Arcade
Wat valt er nou eigenlijk nog over Arcade te zeggen? Duncan wordt nummer 1! Of Noorwegen moet hem voorbij streven, iets wat van mij mag. Een andere act mag echt niet winnen. Nederland of Noorwegen. Anders kijk ik NOOIT MEER. Hahaha! Nu maar hopen dat alle lichtjes in de bol het doen! Mijn vrouw vindt dat Duncan trouwens klinkt als Coldplay. Die heeft telkens weer kippenvel, zo mooi!

13. Griekenland: Katerine Duska – Better Love
Drie minuten lang moet je naar een vrouw luisteren die hoognodig moet schijten. Hoe dit ooit in de finale gekomen is: het is mij een raadsel. In de video van de halve finale zag ik dat er een bal/ballon het publiek in gegooid werd door de dansers. Als ik in het publiek stond had ik dat ding keihard terug gesmeten tegen Katerina aan zodat ze zou stoppen met zingen! BAH!

14. Israël: Kobi Marimi – Home
Eerst vond ik het niet zo fijn om naar te luisteren, maar misschien kwam het wel door de videoclip. Iets van 5x het hoofd van Kobi is echt veel te veel. Het nummer is wel onwijs goed en LIVE brengt hij het ook onwijs goed naar voren. Ja! Top nummer!

15. Noorwegen: KEiiNO – Spirit in the Sky
Voor mij de onbetwiste concurrent van Duncan! Wat wil je ook, je hebt de live zangeres van Alan Walker, een bekende Noorse zanger en dan nog eens een Sami zanger. De performance is perfect en je ziet dat KEiiNO gekozen heeft om dingen te laten zien en te laten horen vanuit het heden en het verleden EN de taal die slechts door 20.000 mensen gesproken wordt. Dat allemaal verpakt in een heerlijk dance nummer! I LOVE IT!

16. Verenigd Koninkrijk: Michael Rice – Bigger Than Us
Omdat het uit Engeland komt wil ik natuurlijk weten wat Graham Norton van dit nummer vindt. Nou, als hij het “really good” vindt, dan zal dat ook wel zo zijn! Mocht je leuk commentaar willen hebben, kijk dan vanavond naar de BBC ipv de Nederlandse TV. Jan en Cornald zijn super saai! Graham Norton voorziet de show van top commentaar!

17. IJsland: Hatari – Hatrið mun sigra
SM op het podium. Nee, liever niet. Daarnaast is het nummer 3x niks. Ik ken genoeg goede metal-electro muziek. Dit is gewoon allemaal niks. Laten we hopen dat de “zanger” zijn stem kwijtraakt tijdens het optreden. Dan hebben we nog IETS om te lachen. De regering in IJsland is trouwens blij dat Hatari een aantal dagen weg is!

18. Estland: Victor Crone – Storm
Als hetero man moet je ook kunnen zeggen dat een man knap is toch? Ik denk dat Victor goed in de smaak valt bij de vrouwen en de mannen. Verder is zijn zang niet perfect, maar dat zal hem vergeven worden ivm zijn uiterlijk (denk ik).

19. Wit-Rusland: ZENA – Like It
Elk jaar heb ik een “lekker ding” tijdens het songfestival. Dit jaar is het ZENA! Wat een prachtmeid om te zien en ook nog eens een top nummer! Voor mij echt een top 5 plaats waard. Niet omdat zij zo knap is, maar omdat het nummer ook gaaf is!

20. Azerbeidzjan: Chingiz – Truth
Eerst vond ik dit nummer helemaal niet zo leuk, maar na een paar keer luisteren ging ik het waarderen en ondertussen vind ik het toch wel degelijk top 10 materiaal. De zanger kan gewoon ook ECHT zingen live. WOW!

21. Frankrijk: Bilal Hassani – Roi
De tekst is prachtig! WOW! Kippenvel. En dan dat optreden, WOW! Een dikke danseres en een dove danseres. Allebei hebben ze te horen gekregen dat ze niet konden worden wat ze zouden willen. MAAR TOCH STAAN ZE DAAR! RESPECT! Deze 3 zijn gewoon fantastisch! De boodschap is prachtig uitgebeeld zowel in de lyrics als in de performance!

22. Italië: Mahmood – Soldi
Shaggy of Sean Paul van Italiè, dat is hoe ik Mahmood wil omschrijven. Mijn vrouw vond dat het leek alsof hij zwaar onder invloed was tijdens zijn optreden, maar dat hoor je niet. Typisch Italiaans met een lekkere bass. Volgend jaar Gigi d´Agostino maar sturen?

23. Servië: Nevena Božović – Kruna
Nou ik begrijp tot op dit moment nog altijd niet waarom dit nummer in de finale staat. Het is saai, niet heel bijzonder … het ligt niet aan de stem. Maar het is gewoon niet goed genoeg. Maarja, je moet ook nummers voor bijna onderaan de lijst hebben!

24. Zwitserland: Luca Hänni – She Got Me
Dit is ook één van onze favorieten! Wat een heerlijk nummer! We zingen het hier al heel veel en dansen er op. Van jong tot oud gaan we hier op los. Ook al zingt Luca live niet helemaal fantastisch, dat nemen we hem niet kwalijk omdat hij ook als een malle aan het dansen is. Toch mocht het dansen van mij wat “viezer”.!

25. Australië: Kate Miller Heidke – Zero Gravity
Waarom vinden mensen dit nou zo gaaf? Niet om het liedje, maar alleen om de performance. Het ziet er voor velen gaaf uit dat er 3 heksen op een stok rond zweven. Ondertussen heeft Kate iemand onder haar jurk die haar poes aan het kietelen is. Vandaar die “oeh oeh oeh oeh aaaah” geluiden. Ik vind het werkelijk niks.

26. Spanje: Miki – La Venda
Een heerlijk super snel nummer. Als jij stil kunt blijven zitten ben je gewoon een stijve saaie hark. Hoop dat het in de top 10 komt, anders moet het gewoon een zomerhit worden!

Of ik gelijk ga krijgen, vast voor 50% maar voor de andere 50% niet. Niet vergeten dat ik uit de muziek industrie kom en niet een typische songfestival luisteraar ben. Welke liedjes halen het volgens mij wel in de top 10 (althans dat hoop ik!)?
– Nederland: Duncan Laurence – Arcade ( #1 of #2)
– Noorwegen: KEiiNO – Spirit in the Sky (top 5)
– Malta: Michela Pace – Chameleon
– Zweden: John Lundvik – Too Late For Love (#2 of #3)
– Cyprus: Tamta – Replay (top 5)
– Wit-Rusland: ZENA – Like It
– Frankrijk: Bilal Hassani – Roi (top 5)
– Italie: Mahmood – Soldi
– Zwitserland: Luca Hänni – She Got Me (#2 of #3)
Ik wil dat Noorwegen wint natuurlijk, maar ik ga er vanuit dat het Nederland zal worden!

Er zijn ook liedjes waarbij ik hoop dat ze amper tot geen punten zullen krijgen. Natuurlijk is het al bekend dat Australië wel veel punten gaat krijgen dankzij de performance!
– Albanië: Jonida Maliqi – Ktheju Tokës
– Duitsland: S!sters – Sister
– Griekenland: Katerine Duska – Better Love
– IJsland: Hatari – Hatrið mun sigra
– Australië: Kate Miller Heidke – Zero Gravity

Nou dit was het dan voor dit jaar. We kunnen weer een heel jaar zeuren en zeiken op het songfestival! Volgend jaar in Amsterdam? We weten het om 1 uur deze nacht! Vergeet niet dat ik alles met een dikke knipoog schrijf en dat je altijd moet blijven lachen!

Vergeet ook niet om TOTALLY EUROVISION 2019 met alleen de beste studio versies van dit jaar, te downloaden via #PromoDJ:

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Hier de ZEIK kaart voor vanavond! Ben best optimistisch om eerlijk te zijn:
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En hier de BINGO in het Nederlands, met afbeelding!:

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